Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WE'RE BACK! - Updates and an Odd Man Out discography

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Wow, this is the longest hiatus I've had from this blog since creating it so I'd like to take this moment to sincerely apologize. Life got busy. I relocated to Seattle and just now got internet. Right in time to move back to Olympia in the coming months because it is the best city in the United States. Even if I had internet these past couple months I would have been way too busy. A million bands have started, a zillion tours have been had, and this goddamn city is popping off. I have a lot of very exciting announcements to make with the coming OHC round three, new GAG, BRICKLAYER and ODD MAN OUT records, and a ton of new stuff to keep you interested in this almost lifeless blog (at this point). I'm here to assure you it's back with a goddamn bang. I have stacks and stacks of discs and tapes that need love and they are all coming to you. Above is a picture of a few of the tapes I'm working through right now... not pictures is all of the tapes and any 7"s or LPs but there are a lot. There are so many great bands going right now and you're going to get them all. I just spent about three hours scanning cassette J-cards and trying to remember my logins so I'm going to sleep. To keep you satiated before I post anything tomorrow (probably after our gig with Battalion of Saints, before if I'm feeling up to it... also what a wild band to play with considering all the suicides and how much I liked them as a kid; will be weird) I have an Odd Man Out discography so far:

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Odd Man Out - S/T on Warthogspeak Black
Odd Man Out - S/T on Warthogspeak"Chain" Green
Odd Man Out - S/T on Warthogspeak Test Press of 50 for OHC
Odd Man Out - Demo CS Self Released Black of 30 for Mexico Tour with Protester 2015 alt. insert
Odd Man Out - Demo CS Self Released Blue of 100
Odd Man Out - Demo CS Self Released Test of 1

Soon to come repress on Warthogspeak on Coke Bottle Clear and a whole new disc for our East Coast jaunt. See you guys on the other side... or tomorrow.

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