Saturday, August 17, 2013

Negative Press - Long Haul

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God damn this LP is good. Some of the best stuff to come out of Tacoma in a while. Well I guess it's also Seattle, Olympia because of Ian and Miles but for some reason I feel like this is a Tacoma band. I believe it's Andrew's brainchild. This shit is really good. I've been spinning it like crazy. Dark and punishing with lots of eerie and even cheerful aspects (big fan of the surfy jam, title track, I'm a sucker for that). That and the second and last track break the record up quite a bit. Keeps you interested the whole way through. Another captivating element is Allen's drumming. It's never dull and always interesting. Considering the aesthetic I feel it would be appropriate to describe this record as "driving". Good work boys, this shit is great. Too bad I think it's the end of the band?

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Wet - S/T CS

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I'm a little late on this one but I didn't get a copy for a while. Tanar gave me one a bit after it came out but it seemed like Wet played quite a few shows before they recorded this tape. This tape has grown on me a lot and I now I really like it. I was put off at first because Steven is a sick ass hardcore front man and the tape is a little more dynamic and pulls from too many influences to be categorized as straight "hardcore". Not to say I didn't like it, I was just sad Steven was playing guitar and singing because I wanted to see him go crazy. He's got some energy live. What we have here is something a little different but still gets your blood pumping. I remember hearing them practice a lot in the Family House garage and always thinking the last track on this tape was the cut. Damn. It's the cut. Members of every god damn Olympia band past and present because Steven and Tanar are in it. Also Dan of Cult Ritual just crewed up on second guitar. Recorded with the almighty Trips. Stay tuned for more things coming from this band.

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Cop Rot - S/T Tape

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SORRY. I know it's been a minute since I've updated this thing but my life has been other places, namely work and music. I got a minute to squeeze in some stuff, there is a SHITLOAD I really want to put up. For now here are the new Cop Rot recordings hot from the studio. This stuff is way more menacing than the first tape and has a lot more diversity to it. I've only listened to the tape twice through so I don't have too much of an informed opinion but I recognize a lot of the songs from shows and they are sick. Gonna be flipping this tape a lot... although it's only one sided. Gonna be rewinding this tape a lot. Really stoked to get a copy tonight. Seattle. Members of GRIMACE, NUDES, FREAK VIBE, etc. etc.

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