Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bad Blood - Demo CS

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Sorry it took so long to get this up here but here it is! Bad Blood is a long distance project I started with some friends in Chicago. We played Ralph's Not Normal Showcase in Chicago then played OHC and toured the West Coast with Tercer Mundo. Bad Blood will be touring again in February in Mexico. Tapes are available here and I still have some T shirts so shoot me an email. You'll be hearing more soon.

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Coneheads - Canadian Cone

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Here is the second installment in the Conehead's Legacy. In my four day stay in Indiana and my trip up to Toronto with the boys I was made privy to some of Mark's new projects underway; you all are in for some pleasant surprises. I'm leaving town again tomorrow so I only have a second to put some stuff up but be ready for much more. The new cassette features fresh cuts, a Talking Heads cover, and a special guest spot by abductee 'Cal'. We are from France.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Olympia Hardcore

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With the help of my man Stevie the Olympia Hardcore website is up and running! Lots of stuff still to upload but if you need a hub to keep tabs on the South Puget Sound music scene here it is. Stream music and check out new projects! Oursound 2.0. It's about damn time.

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Vacant State - Chains Test Press

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I made a trip up to Canada to hang out with the boys in BC and boy do I miss it up there. By this time you already know who Vacant State is by their flawless release track record. Perfect band with one more perfect record. Thanks so much Big Purp for the test press you are the man. Stoked to pit to these new songs at Not Dead Yet this year. I'll put up art and lyrics when I pick up a copy of the record after it's released.

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Convict - Live CS

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Convict is recording this weekend so be prepared y'all. Convict is a new hardcore band from Olympia Mitch and I started features members of Bone Sickness and all the bands I am working on. For fans of hard hardcore here is a live set Tom from Snob recorded at our second show. All our demo songs we're gonna record minus one plus Negative Approach "Genocide" and SS Decontrol "Get It Away" covers. Enjoy. This cassette is a very special limited one out of one release for Riley's birthday.


Turtle Neck - Demo Tape

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Here it is in all it's glory! The Turtle Neck demo tape! Well, almost. These are rough recordings of the first six songs I wrote for T Neck way back on Adjustment Tour when the band was barely conceptualized. Taylor and I wanted to start a skate punk band together drawing influences from UK82 and 77 punk and here's what we've produced. All the lyrics are golden and all the homies are shredders. Featuring Blen Davidson of Noping fame. Demos released in Candy Corn colors with some limited black ones for a Halloween cover show where we played Agression, Fear, JFA, Suicidal, Adolescents, Mondo Aggro with Rob singing, HIV and Board Youth. Lace up those sneakers and be a fucking kid. Art by Riley Kerr of Cop Rot. Watch the music video here.

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Technicolor Teeth - Sage

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I picked up this record last year on the GAG full US in Wisconsin when we played with Tenement. I had heard some Technicolor Teeth stuff and knew it was Amos' solo thing but didn't know how fucking incredible this record was going to be. Definitely my favorite release by far. It's absolute MBV worship in the best way possible. Totally hit the nail on the head while still maintaining original song writing and sound. I can't believe how much I love it. It's got that dreamy, spacey crunch we all know and love and I'm guessing he used an fx90 for this stuff because it sounds like it was recorded straight up with Kevin Shields' gear. The melody on 'Sage' and the 'Glider'-esque loopy sound on 'Stolen Things' are to die for. As far as I know this is the only rip of this record that exists on the internet, give it a listen you won't be disappointed.

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