Thursday, February 11, 2016

Big Zit - Demo Re-release

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I'm leaving for GAG tour so I figure I'd let the blog rest on a gem that will stand the test of time. The Big Zit cassette with a cool new cover. Same dew, new view. See you guys around the states, I have much more I need to put up. Anyone noticed how much Red Lorry Yellow Lorry's "Hand On Heart" bears a striking resemblance to Wire's "Reuters"? Hope y'all are still around after my hiatus.

Big Zit Demo Tape
Big Zit 7"

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Protester - DCHC 7" 2014

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The first vinyl Protester release. Once again all the tracks are credited to Connor but the insert indicates that yes, this band does indeed have a lineup (which was accidentally not edge). The intro fucking slams and brings you in real hard. Also divebombs now, always a good touch for this sort of thing. "Let You Forget" is the track for me. Man... I feel you bud. "Left to Rot" contains a few lyrical references and I'm sure you also remember "Break" from the demo cs. "Here to Stay" is mean as hell. Watching Robin start that one off is always fun, he lays into that snare. These last three tracks bring the band in a new direction with hard breaks and some tempo changes different from the 'all-go' of the initial release. I fucking love Protester, good shit. Songs of the edge. "Drop out"... Man Connor I feel you. Also in comes that touch of SSD again.

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Protester - Demo CS

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Connor's brainchild, DC's Protester is a band that holds a special place in my heart but I'll save the sappy write up for a later post because I have a LOT of Protester gear to throw up here. This demo cassette came to me before I met Connor in a care package from Nick. The first thing I noticed was the Confront rip so I was down from the get go. Next thing I noticed was that all the songs were credited to Connor who wrote and performed everything on the release which is another thing I appreciate because it shows the homie cares about what he's putting out there (also one of the only ways to find an edge lineup nowadays). Little did I know we'd end up touring together later on and he'd become champion brethren. "Left To Rot" blisters through all go no slow while channeling SSD to end it. "Break" follows the same formula and hits you over the head only to be over by the time you catch your breath again. The tape concludes with two AF covers back to back with one of my personal favorites ever "Fight" delivered with some serious skill and lung capacity. First time I heard this cover recorded was on the Waste Management 7", I was a fan then and I'm a fan now. Sick fucking shit but everyone knows that now.

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Pure Disgust - Chained EP

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Oh yeah. Here it is. Big fan of this one here. The Chained EP is my favorite release to date from these boys. Great crew making great music. Like I said previously, all great bands but this one really does it for me. "Guilty" is the cut and also has Trey doing some delivery.  Man when that track kicks in. The vocal delivery is a little more gruff on this one too which fits the vibe real well. Refreshing hardcore to say the least. Love Rob's glasses and Big Brendos mop on this one.

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Pure Disgust - S/T EP

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Old joint, new disc for me from DC's Pure Disgust. For many reasons this is one of my favorite bands from the NWODCHC boys. More clean guitar, more stomp and more glaring reality delivered to you by one of DC's finest. Was an extreme pleasure to be acquainted with these boys on their west coast jaunt and even better to have them again, gig with them at America's Hardcore (where I picked up the disc and where Ace was kind enough to give me one of the couple versions of the test presses after I found a box of Stand Up shirts left at the venue) and super excited to have them for OHC this year. Harsh socioeconomic and scene politic wit plus pit. This is the perfect equation. Keep it up boys. They always have such great covers; Dicks, Damned, Dead Boys, Sex Pistols, I'm excited to see what's in store next.

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Arms Race - Gotta Get Out

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 I had multiple people tell me this release wasn't very good. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE PEOPLE. This release is incredible. Arms Race came to the US but only a few dates on the east coast so I was unable to catch it. Really wanted to see Nick front a band, his vocals sound brutal. I love this record so much. Sounds like if Iron Cross was a boston hardcore band. There's a little bit of a UK D Beat influence that creeps its way in there too and a Combat 84 reference. It's mean as fuck and ugly I love it. Tom let me get a little sneak preview of the LP and it's amazing. Love this band and can't wait for more. "Bastard" is the standout track for me on this one, also has killer lyrics.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chemos / MPK - Split CS

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No track titles or anything but I believe we are provided with two Chemos tracks and three MPK tracks. I already mentioned this in the "Alive" comp but jesus, MPK kills it. I am a big fan of this band. Never heard it recorded but I am into it. Crazy how much the first Chemos track sounds like 'The Worst' and the first MPK track sounds like 'Koro'. Also the second MPK track straight up starts just like 'Gang Green' and the last one has a less mean 'COC' feel to it. Band sounds channeled beyond the band grave. Keep it coming boys, both bands are great.


Rik & The Pigs - Rik and His Pigs Play the Hits

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The Pigs are back but this time all wheat and no chaff. The first five tracks are assisted by Corey and Mike so you know the rock is 'rock' solid. One of the things I find so wonderful about Rik & the Pigs is how much they'd blend in with an early Consolidated video or scoring something I enjoy. "TV Bloopers" is straight up something Karma would skate to. "Life's a Bust" could sit in the background of a Beavis and Butthead adventure. I love this stuff, snotty as fuck and unapologetic. Got the attitude of the Dead Boys and the whimsical wordsmithing of modern punk made for freaks like you and I. Put me in Rik. I'm a pig now baby I'm a pig pig pig.

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Heart Attack Jizzers - Disguised b/w No Remorse

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Heart Attack Jizzers was a band I had never heard of so it was nice of David to provide. This band pulls from all over, has a real rockin' 77 feel to it but with the speed and ferocity of first wave hardcore and the nasty sentiments of the midwest (layered vocals and drenched in reverb). First riff in Disguised always gets Sham 69's "Gotta Survive" stuck in my head. Song ends with that speed and meanness of the 80s Boston sound ala F.U.'s/Gang Green. No Remorse, obviously Motorhead is the first thing that comes to mind but it gets more 70s again and ditches the whole hardcore thing. Falls apart but stays together ala Johnny Thunders staccato. KBD punkers eat your heart out. Beautiful. Two thumbs up.


V/A - Alive Comp Portland Hardcore

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 So, Ricky, David and Riley are all living together in the ol' Boulevard house keeping the spirit of rock'n'roll alive. Before I was to leave on my travels I wanted to put up this fine stack of tapes provided by Ricky and David, both of whom have relocated to Olympia recently (the greatest city on earth). The first I jammed in this stack was the Alive compilation. Fourteen tracks of Portland hardcore provided by eight bands. The first two tracks to grace my ears utterly blew me away. MPK is my new favorite band. Sounds so akin to Koro it's uncanny yet maintains its own feel. The guitar tone is perfect I love it. The next two tracks are provided by Cum, one title was the name of an F song but the music is much more similar to maybe white cross? The next track they provide is heavier and morose; dirgy and mean. Spetsnaz does what they do best and really throws this comp for a loop, definitely some of the more dynamic tracks, Stunned clocks in at the longest track on the release and G.A.S.S. is a noise track. Flexible Ammunition Belt only contributes one track but it's a scorcher, great midwest first wave sound. Steve hammers out a track of blistering hardcore that kind of outros into The Knott Street Hardcore track. I love the layered vocals. The Ointment brings some synth into the mix and breaks up the meat and potatoes hardcore a bit. Mr. Baker has a SoCal feel to it I'm a fan of. Franky brings us straight back into the mess. The hollered "A. GENDA" and hammering drums ala Nihilistics broke into the soft spot in my heart. Reminds me a little of Zero Defex. The intro to the Chemos track is hilarious. The last track is what I can only imagine can be a word from their sponsors. These kind of comps are my favorite way to experience recorded music. I love collecting hardcore comps and it has been a really long time since I've heard one that has had me this engaged since some early 80s ones I hadn't dug up yet. This cassette is fabulous. Portland is killing it with this one.

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Cryogenics - Demo CS

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Along with the two CCTV tracks I had on heavy rotation from Cool Bands, I feel like the Cryogenics demo was my go to for months. I listened to this cassette so much I'm surprised it still works. When OHC rolled around and both bands were confirmed on it I was beyond ecstatic to see my friend's new bands that I had already been jamming for months. The 77 sentiments are undeniable, infectious and everything in between. The vocals are whimsically delivered in an almost hypnotizing way. I feel like the sound is conveyed lyrically in the song "S489 60MG". Ironically the drug is a stimulant. Either way I am very stimulated by this demo. Recurring favorite that is still rotated by me all the goddamn time. Time capsule band. Could see them gigging with UXA and late 70s LA acts. Punk done right.

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

C.C.T.V. - 4 Track 7" Diameter Record

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CCTV was one of the projects Mark had done that had a build up to it. I feel like more often than not I will just get a tape in the mail that will blow my mind and I will have no idea it was coming. In the case of CCTV it seemed to have been conceptualized beforehand and the idea was well worth the wait. I'm always ecstatic to hear what comes from the collective hivemind of one of my favorite states for hardcore music... Indiana. I haven't been disappointed since 2012 and I was first acquainted with Ooze on Adjustment tour. Since then it's been nothing but fun and good, good music coming from good, good people so aptly determined to turn hardcore back from on its head where it currently rests. Life is breathed into my lungs when I hear bands made for fun again, good lord is it really that difficult to be genuine my friends? I would argue not. The first two CCTV songs I heard on Cool Bands and absolutely could not wait for more. I was crossing my fingers that this release would have a song Mark sent me that featured a troll doll dancing in the video but no dice. It does however contain a song from Cool Bands and three brand spankin new beautiful tracks. Can't wait for that troll song I need to use it in a skate edit. That troll also ended up glued into Mark's guitar which he then smashed at Not Dead Yet. Have no fear the troll was recovered. CCTV sounds like punk music inspired by the themes to Ren & Stimpy and all your favorite wild cartoons. And I mean that in the best way imaginable.

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The First Step - Demo 2001

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Here is the 7" version of The First Step demo. I figured I should start February off right. The First Step is one of my favorite modern hardcore bands to grace my generation. I've driven over 24 hour distances to see this band because they greatly informed my discourse with modern hardcore. This band was perfect to me, plain and simple. Their songs were energetic and fierce and stood out from contemporaries in terms of songwriting and bringing new formulas to a tried table. On top of this they are lyrically unfuckwithable. The perfect balance of wit and an honest thoughtful desire to communicate with the audience. The songs weren't just expounding on the idea that "we have to do something", they were offering solutions and pushing for a deeper understanding of the current social dynamics keeping hardcore from progressing to praxis. Impactful for me to say the least. I remember reading the lyrics to "As It Is" for the first time and just progressively getting more and more fucking pumped until my mind exploded. I've always held the same stoic stance of, 'well these people are butchering something I love but they'll be gone in five years anyway' concurring with the "you get out what you put in" line. In a way it's become a hardcore mantra for me.This was a time when I took for granted that hardcore isn't always about something. I wish I could go back to feeling like everyone wanted to communicate in this manner. Some of the members started a new project called Union of Faith check it out here. This release is perfect though I probably would have dropped the DYS cover. It's a dope cover for sure and was cool to see live but I'm not the biggest fan of recorded covers.

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