Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Heart Attack Jizzers - Disguised b/w No Remorse

 photo HeartAttackJizzers_zpsnbu7qaqm.jpg

Heart Attack Jizzers was a band I had never heard of so it was nice of David to provide. This band pulls from all over, has a real rockin' 77 feel to it but with the speed and ferocity of first wave hardcore and the nasty sentiments of the midwest (layered vocals and drenched in reverb). First riff in Disguised always gets Sham 69's "Gotta Survive" stuck in my head. Song ends with that speed and meanness of the 80s Boston sound ala F.U.'s/Gang Green. No Remorse, obviously Motorhead is the first thing that comes to mind but it gets more 70s again and ditches the whole hardcore thing. Falls apart but stays together ala Johnny Thunders staccato. KBD punkers eat your heart out. Beautiful. Two thumbs up.



  1. link ain't working for me. dunno if it's just me tho. thanks for all the ups today!

  2. I second that! Not working for me either.