Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vexx - Wild Hunt EP

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The final release from Olympia's rockin own. I didn't even know this disc existed! I was saying what's up to Corey and she asked me if I wanted to hear the new Vexx record, so we jammed it and she gave me a copy. This is by far their best juice to date. Vexx has truly honed their craft and this record is testament to the evolution of the band. It's a bummer they created what they did right before they disbanded. Six tracks of fierce rock n' roll, "I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are" is some straight Suzi Quatro shit.

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Narrow Head - Satisfaction

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I can't believe this record. I rolled out to the gig this last time my friends came through and picked up this new record after an amazing performance. It had me entranced from the first spin. The way this record moves- the progression from song to song, particularly "It's Whatever To Me" got me feelin'. Even the rooftop hot tub after the gig wasn't as good as this.

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Vanity - Don't Be Shy

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I am a huge fan of all things Ben Trogden, if you have kept up with my blog you know this to be true. Since I first met him as an Olympia transplant we have always gotten along and taken an interest in each others creative works. Of all of the projects he's participated in, Vanity takes the crown for me. The newest release, "Don't Be Shy", is enchanting. I can flip it over and over and never leave the space it occupies. An infectious groove from one end to the next, you'll be toe tappin' and rocking I guarantee it. We played with them in NY this last year and I was especially impressed with the seamless transition between vocal styles. Top notch.

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C.C. Dust - EP Repost

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 This thing finally came out and you can pick up copies at Perennial. Above the Test Press and standard run of the record are pictured. If you haven't heard this yet you are sleeping... and far too long because CC Dust is no more. RIP to a real one. Read my original post and download the tracks here.

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