Friday, March 28, 2014

Nuke Cult - We Play Ugly Music

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We got a package in the mail the other day from our boys from Kansas City. It was a box in a box in a box and contained an armband, tapes for everyone and a list of activities we needed to complete with the demos. As of a few days ago Adam and I have made plans to complete all these requests. Since we first stopped and gigged with the crew in Kansas City we discovered that they got it going on. Great bands, great live vibes and great people. Late night skate sessions and daytime thanksgiving feasts and ice skating. Hopefully we'll be rolling back through soon so we can continue our partying kinship. Stoked to finally have a copy of this tape. From the slimey sewers of kansas city comes NUKE CULT. Tempo will have you squirmin. Download and die.

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PISS - Demo 2013

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This tape was sent to me from a friend overseas. Based out of Berlin PISS has a lot going on. A German hardcore band riddled with feedback and intense energy, the tape never loses it's push. I think "Tight Jeans" is my favorite track. The last track is almost 8 minutes long and has some brass in it; pretty crazy stuff. One of the songs also appears to be in Swedish. I wish there were lyrics with the tape. Very creative tape inlay out of 100. Great stuff, thanks a lot Robin and keep it coming! Also in the package was his flatmate's band which I'll rip and put up later.

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Criminal Damage - Call Of Death

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The newest and final Criminal Damage release. I have to say after spinning this a few times there isn't a single Criminal Damage song I don't like. Although my heart lies with the S/T record this record is really catchy. The same kind of catchy street-punk/oi cuts you'd expect from a Criminal Damage record with a slightly higher recording quality than previous records. Gag played their last show just recently at The Know and it was fucking great. Sad to see them go.

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Back To Back - Flesh and Bone

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We had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Back to Back on Gag's full US. We played and stayed with them in Texas and Adam took a luxurious bath. Back to Back is quite the anomaly, gross feedback and distortion on lockin' out. Even with the grimey sound Back to Back still delivers all the "get low" hardcore you could possibly desire when picking up a Lockin' Out release. Great band and really great people. We'll be touring with them again sometime this summer. Don't sleep on it!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Brigada Roja - NDF Sampler

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 Getting to meet Brigada Roja was one of the more enriching experiences I've had in a while. James contacted them and got them to play New Direction Fest which is a fest we did in 2011 and 2012. NDF was promoted as a " for people of the worldwide hardcore and punk community to share experiences, skills, ideas, and information about community organizing, activism, labor organizing, and other forms of radical action. This convergence will include live bands, workshops, and speakers engaged in the practical application of the radical ideas and values of hardcore punk. Through these, we hope to inspire and to mobilize one another to form a global network of resistance and a movement for radical change within the hardcore and punk community. The goal of this fest is to breathe new life into the hardcore tradition of resistance and to push our networks towards a NEW DIRECTION where we can bridge the gap between hardcore values and the application of these values through radical practice." In short, bands that played this fest had to engage with their world in some way beyond just shouting platitudes at a hardcore audience. Brigada Roja was the band that compelled me most of the fest. Carlos spoke about life in Monterrey and the adversity they have to overcome to even be a band in their city. It was a very sobering experience and helped to elucidate how contrived hardcore punk can be in an American setting. Brigada Roja truly embodies a natural force of resistance against the adversities of life; i.e. hardcore punk. Keep your ears out for Brigada Roja as I am flying them out to the west coast again this summer to play Olympia Hardcore Fest. I miss these guys and can't wait to see them.

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Here is a video of Carlos Zarazua from Brigada Roja speaking on “The perceptions of narco violence in Monterrey: different visions , one issue”, at NDF 2012.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Freak Vibe - Demo CS

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Seattle's got a new band taking local hardcore a new direction. Freak Vibe gives you that self deprecating feel coupled with a bluesy, Cramps sound. This is the first demo cassette of five songs. I'll put up the newer one soon which does much better justice to their sound. Freak Vibe's tour kickoff is tomorrow so keep your ears pealed West Coasters as they're coming your way.

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Trrash - Demo CS

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Chad played me the demoed Trrash tracks before it was a full lineup so I kinda had a feeling for what he was going for. The name embodies the sound, noisey, bass driven, and all about atmosphere. The initial recordings were Chad playing everything and singing now he has a lineup that is a bunch of people he lives with (of Freak Vibe, Nudes and Bricklayer fame). So far I've had the pleasure of seeing them twice one time of which was a dual first show. Turtle Neck is playing our first show with them tomorrow for Freak Vibe's tour kick off so come out to Le Voyeur if you live in Oly. Abrasive and out of control coupled with a maniacal live delivery is Trrash. There's a rumor of an added synth in the future and I'm all for it. Keep your ear out for these bad kids.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hysterics - Can't I Live

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After a few delays we finally have access to Hysterics new record. "Oustide In" is the cut. I was real pumped on that one when they initially demoed it. All the tracks are the mastered vinyl versions which Stephie really wants out there circulating so download and share!

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86 Mentality - S/T

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Reunion was the best surprise I had in a while. Stoked to have played Damaged City. Peep the footage below and download this bad boy.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Sentenced - Demo CS

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Coming out of Denton Texas is The Sentenced. Hard and menacing, this could be my new favorite Texas band especially if rumors are true and they are an edge band. People always say it's similar to 86 but to me they're a very different band. More similar to the contemporary three note jammer kinda mosh sound that pervades the hardcore scene nowadays (see 'Sentenced'). Very similar indeed are the vocal barks and the guitar tone but all in all they're definitely their own band. Also the oi, oi in 'Cast Down' is fucking great. Awesome stuff, great hardcore!

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Supercrush - Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away)

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This is absolutely amazing, Supercrush's single is honey to the ears overloaded with that fuzzed out warm feel and full of overwhelming angst and romance. Supercrush straddles many genres and makes a sound all their own. Pulling a lot of influence from 90s dreampop and American alternative and grunge Supercrush lies more on the formulaic rock side ala Swervedriver or Moose. 'Lifted' is a smooth melodic drift that breaks into an infectious rock groove. Almost as if Moose's 'Suzanne' were made happy. When it switches over to that double time on the hi-hat. Goddamn. 'Melt Into You' will never leave your head once the melody takes root. That prolonged lead carries the song through to its bittersweet end. This is amazing stuff. Keep it coming Mark.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bricklayer - The Wall Is Coming + New Band News

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From the ashes of GRIMACE rises the phoenix that is BRICKLAYER. We played our first show in Seattle not too long ago though I played like garbage from so much jamming and working. We're playing again with LA MISMA at our house. More new Oly bands to come: TURTLE NECK are playing our first show for FREAK VIBE's tour kickoff. CONVICT is going to fly out the gate sooner than you can prepare for and ODD MAN OUT is still in its formative stages. BAD BLOOD is an Oly/Chicago connection project I'm working on with Ralph from NOT NORMAL. We got our first show booked for Ralph's Not Normal showcase June 8th and 9th in Chicago. Stay posted I'll put up music soon!

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 BRICKLAYER's first show at the NutHole:

Sweet Tooth - Demo CS

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Sweet Tooth's 2009 demo. Lightning fast hardcore punk with bass breaks, tasteful leads ala Bl'ast! (see 'Report Card') and youthful lyrical concepts. Only one song clocks in a longer than a minute and four seconds, really good stuff.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

SNØB - Demo CS

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I saw Snob in BC at the Hounds of Hate, Vacant State show and was stoked on getting to hear a new band. Tom came out in a glittery Snob crop top and performed like he was on a trampoline. Isaiah came out in his greys and slammed his guitar freshly out of prison for the show. That and a Sheer Terror cover sold me on this band. Just got the tape in the mail from Tom and I gotta say I am fucking pumped. The tempo is frantic and brutal throughout, throaty vocals and narcissistic lyrics carry it through paying homage to the hardcore punk tradition of apathy in competition with a desire to be something that isn't everything and everyone else (see the last lines of 'Omega Man' in contrast with 'Snob' and 'Get Loose'. The bass stomper intro is the icing on the cake. Don't sleep on this demo tape because it is fucking great. Good hardcore.

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Glitter - Spinning Ballerina Cassingle

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So my friend Jason from Calgary sent me a bunch of shit and this new Glitter CS was one of the sickest of the bunch. It's just the one song and another Glitter theme reprise which is hilarious and sick! Unfortunately my ripper is down so I can't get the reprise up just yet but I got the one song from the a side for  you. The song is menacing, fierce and deranged and clocks in at three and a half minutes. It's got that Glitter sound you should already know and love from the demo tape post. This shit is great, thanks Jason!

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Glitter - Demo CS

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So here's another one I've slept on for a while and have been really meaning to put up. I first played with Glitter with White Wards and Nudes in BC then again in Calgary with GAG and White Wards and that's when they really made an impact on me. Following up the Sperm post with another Canadian band Glitter has got some wild shit going on. I'm a big fan of the clean guitar, discordant sound and some of that wild flanger going on. "Soaking in the Moonlight" is my favorite track for sure. I know this is one of those comparisons I'm going to look at later and go, 'why the hell did I say that' but sometimes the vocals remind me of Personality Crisis. It's deep, guttural and wild, this is some crazy shit.Once again sorry about how long it takes me to put shit up I got a shitload of stuff and way too much to do every day. More coming your way.

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