Monday, March 3, 2014

SNØB - Demo CS

 photo Snobcs_zps3271ee09.jpg

I saw Snob in BC at the Hounds of Hate, Vacant State show and was stoked on getting to hear a new band. Tom came out in a glittery Snob crop top and performed like he was on a trampoline. Isaiah came out in his greys and slammed his guitar freshly out of prison for the show. That and a Sheer Terror cover sold me on this band. Just got the tape in the mail from Tom and I gotta say I am fucking pumped. The tempo is frantic and brutal throughout, throaty vocals and narcissistic lyrics carry it through paying homage to the hardcore punk tradition of apathy in competition with a desire to be something that isn't everything and everyone else (see the last lines of 'Omega Man' in contrast with 'Snob' and 'Get Loose'. The bass stomper intro is the icing on the cake. Don't sleep on this demo tape because it is fucking great. Good hardcore.

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