Friday, December 20, 2013

GAG - 'Chains and Barbed Wire' Live at Reed College

Man this show was weird but goddamn if I wasn't down: "Know Your Role" - Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

GAG - Live At E 7th VHS

 photo GAGVHS_zpse4619a38.jpg

Our set from one of our LA shows was recorded and released on Viper Video. Check it out!!

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Needles - S/T EP

 photo NeedlesEP_zps8ad7fde0.jpg

As promised here is Needles first 7". This record has been burning on my shelf for a minute and it wasn't until recently (the last couple years when Needles has been playing pretty frequently), that I realized how good it was. It was recommended to me in 2007 when it came out and Judd got it in stock at Phantom City. All I knew was that it was Martin from Limp Wrist and I was hooked instantly. Compared to Limp Wrist or Crudos, Needles is much more midwest hardcore influenced. Lots of crazy hardcore aspects similar to maybe Die Kruezen (I know boring comparison but it fits a little). Flipped it over and over but never expected to be able to see them. Stoked we've had so many chances to play with this band and very excited for future releases and tours.

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lumpy & the Dumpers - Sex Pit Music Video

Since seeing these guys in Northwest Indiana for the first time last year I don't have enough good things to say. This band is great and this music video is just plain crazy! It seems like they put a lot of work into this bad boy and I certainly enjoyed it. Stoked for the new record! Coming soon on Muckraker.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tenement - Napalm Dream

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This isn't my usual thing but Tenement made a real impression on me. Last year Adjustment played with them at two shows and Ralph put us on the 'Welcome to 2013' comp with them. Live I didn't think much of it at first, it was really good, they are all very talented musicians but I've never been a big fan of poppy stuff of that sort. I met Eric who plays drums when we stayed with him in Wisconsin. He's a really cool dude who also plays guitar in Bored Straight and Failed Mutation. Anyhow, aside from just the members of the band being cool they play a really intense live performance. The energy Amos and Jesse exude live is wild. Musically they kind of land in the grey area somewhere between stuff like Lifetime and Jawbreaker; speed and experimentation with real poppy aspects, 'alternative' so to speak. Kinda like the later 90s rev catalog. After seeing them in the Midwest a few times I jammed the comp track 'Rain In Mind' and it blew me away. That song is incredible. I picked up this LP later on which is definitely their most poppy release but it really grew on me. It's infectious, I can't stop listening to it! Check it out for yourself!

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

86 Mentality - On The Loose

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86 Mentality can do no wrong. This EP is amazing, that first track "Scumbag" is such a cut, favorite 86 song second only to Outro/Anti-socitey. Download it cause you already know what it is!

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Clear - Demo

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Picked the Clear demo up as a mystery grab and it is pretty damn good. I didn't know until the vocals struck me and I looked at the insert but it's Pat Flynn from Have Heart's new band. All short jams, the demo clocks in at four minutes and six tracks. Members of The First Step and Have Heart so we got some boys who have put in time which explains why a band's demo sounds so fucking tight. This is some good stuff, "You Still Here" kills it lyrically. Love those last couple lines.

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Gas Rag - Human Rights EP

 photo gasraghumanrightsdisc_zpsd87e1b73.jpg

The second EP comin' from Gas Rag, more of the same great formula. I can't get enough of that guitar tone, it is perfect. And those vocals, goddamn. Great lyrics too, I dunno man Gas Rag just has it going on.

 photo gasraghumanlyrics_zpsec7787b7.jpg


Gas Rag - S/T EP

 photo gasragep_zps5e8ab818.jpg

This band has generated a lot of hype behind them and it's worth the attention because it's great both recorded and live. I'll never understand the whole huffing thing as a trend considering how fucking stupid that is when there are consistently kids in Mexico, Rwanda and other African cities who essentially have to huff glue in order to ignore hunger pains, weather conditions and ailments. Then stupid American kids choose to permanently do damage to their brains because 'there's nothing better to do' in their life? Boo-fucking-hoo look around you, there's everything to do, you can do whatever you want and you're not impoverished or dying. But hey, look at it as commentary on the idiocy of American youth culture and the affects of the greater idiocy of the American political system; that's what every lyric on the release is about anyway so looks like glue huffing, apathy ridden, angsty young adults are outta luck, haha. Truly a great record, just under the five minute mark of nasty, visceral hardcore punk. I can't even believe how good they were in Toronto.

 photo gasrageovacj_zpsb2c3ff4e.jpg


Dick Binge - Listen Hard CS

 photo dickbingcs_zps4132faba.jpg

I've been trying forever to get a copy of this cassette and by the time I got one the band was no more (it really was well over a year I've been trying to get a hold of one of these). It's a shame because this band rose out of obscurity in Olympia and share an uncanny likeness to Boston's F.U.'s Demo and 'Boston' comp era. "Radio UNIX USA" could appear on this tape and no one would be the wiser. Also some of the riffage reminds me of early Dr. Know (see 'American Cream'). This was really good stuff and has all the sass and poignant criticisms and tongue in cheek jabs you'd expect from an all queer hardcore band. So sad I'm not going to hear anything new from this band or be able to see, play with or book them again.

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Friday, December 6, 2013

86 Mentality - Final Exit

 photo 86finalexit_zps79202a07.jpg

I feel no need to put up the first 86 record anytime soon because it is the holy grail right now haha. The attention is due because that record is incredibly good but since that reunion at Damaged City everybody is freaking out over it. I was too the first time I heard it so I guess it makes sense. Speaking of which, that reunion was fucking amazing. When I saw there was a special guest I had my fingers crossed for No Justice. We toured out there to play and I had no idea 86 or Striking Distance was playing. I moshed my ass off. I did see that Jason had reissued the 86 discography (MINUS THIS RECORD) on an LP as well as Striking Distance's 'March To Your Grave' which i posted here . Those were my first clues. Seeing Striking Distance in that tiny room at the after show was an out of control experience. I would have never guessed I'd be moshing that hard at close to 3am haha. I don't know why this record is so often under-appreciated, it is probably my favorite 86 Mentality record. Has more of a catchy street punk feel but with that same aggressive hardcore edge. Outro/Anti-Society might be my favorite song they've written. Anyway, here is this because it's really hard to find downloads of on the internet. Also here's footage of the reunion from Damaged City where many of my stagedives abound, haha.

 photo 86finalback_zpsc163cb9f.jpg

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 photo 86finalinsert2_zpsaf25cac6.jpg


Warthog - Demo CS

 photo warthogtape_zps1f7d6593.jpg

The Chain Wallet sessions. Great names for a band and I mean that sincerely, the name articulates well the feel of the cassette. Warthog is mean, straight up. The tape has a great flow from one aggressive outburst to the next. The lyrics are deprecating and hateful, very good stuff. 'Shit' hits harder than a train, the tape as a whole gets a 10/10 for stage skank and moshability. Pumped on this band and Chris is one of the most genuinely nice people I've met recently.

 photo warthoglyrics_zpsc7e8733b.jpg


Needles - Desesperacion 7"

 photo needlesdisc_zps2ea5fb2b.jpg

Needle's new EP on hometown hero's label Iron Lung records. I've been waiting for fucking ever for new Needles material which reminds me I gotta put up the first EP. I'll tell the story about how I came across that one when I post it. Anyway, I got the first Needles record right when it came out and was so pumped on it. Then years passed and nothing new until now. This new record kills it. Blows the first one out of the water and of course Martin is the man. Had the honor of playing with this band many times now. Do yourself a favor and download.

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Caged Animal - Repost

 photo IMG_1067_zps6bf3c4ee.jpg

Max gave me a test press of the Caged Animal EP because he is one of the nicest human beings on the planet (really though). This is one of the best bands to have come out of the Bay in a really long time. Peep the original post HERE to download.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blazing Eye - S/T CS

 photo blazingeyedemo_zps2511fc7d.jpg

This tape is great. We were at Austin's warehouse when they were recording guitar tracks and vocals and it scared the shit out of us. Without warning, Austin put headphones on and then all the sudden just started yelling into his computer, and goddamn, you heard those vocals. The bassline on Oblivion is super infectious. I was way excited to see this band live in LA and to finally get a copy of the tape because I missed out on the first run! Sam and Austin rule and make great music.

 photo blazingeyeluyrics_zpsf24368d9.jpg


S.H.I.T. - Demo CS

 photo shittape_zps1e1ee48a.jpg

I've been meaning to put this tape up for quite a while. At this point everyone is at least somewhat aware of how great of a band SHIT is. Super amazing live, tracks are infectious and out of control. Vague lyrics with gruesome mental imagery about the world sucking. It's good stuff so don't miss out. Much thanks to Greg for putting us on Not Dead Yet.

 photo shitlyrics2_zpsfbf19e9c.jpg

 photo shitlyrics1_zps30f6a93e.jpg

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Sterilized - Demo CS

 photo sterliziedtape_zps1c1e7102.jpg

Sterilized is Olympia based but James moved to the Bay so I don't know where you'd establish the locale. This shit is great and even more intense live. Great mix of hard Japanese style D-beat and USHC. I can't fucking read shit on the tape and there are no lyrics so I'll just include all the tracks they have recorded instead of trying to decipher what is on what release. Enjoy.

 photo sterilizedinsert_zpsb6bee67a.jpg

Peacebreakers - Every Day Battle 7"

 photo peacebreakersrecord_zps6ea79826.jpg

Now here's one I've been waiting for for-fucking-ever. Every time I've seen Peacebreakers they've played shitloads of songs none of which appear on that 3 song tape. My friend Tim who I met in Boston who now lives in the bay was nice enough to give me the tracks for the new Peacebreakers 7" before it came out. The session has the six songs on the 7", the three tape songs re-recorded and four new songs that are all on par with the level of 'sickness' you'd expect from this band. This band is fucking great and PJ is an incredible drummer. Super solid. This record has a great rudimentary, super punk Boston feel. Five stars for sure.

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