Thursday, December 5, 2013

Big Zit - Demo CS

 photo BigZitcover_zps3b697885.jpg

Just when I thought there couldn't be a band better than ooze... THERE STILL ISN'T!!! They are tied. But Big Zit is right there on my list of best goddamn contemporary bands in America. Adjustment played with Big Zit in Northwest Indiana last year and I was blown away. Mark gave me a tape and it took me a while for everything to sink in. This band is beyond words. GAG played with them in NWI again this year and I basically had an out of body experience. As I was watching them play I knew I was experiencing something incredible. It was like a time capsule. I felt like I was witnessing the rebirth of hardcore punk. The band features Antonio and Mark from Ooze and the same energy is communicated in this band. The musicianship is incredible and Kevin's vocals are out of control. Obvious comparisons to HR abound. Mark just gave me a copy of a cassette of his solo project Hot Beef and it is out of this world. I'll put it up just as soon as I rip the tracks. DO YOURSELF A GODDAMN FAVOR AND DOWNLOAD!

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  1. Too bad Kevin is too cool to be friends with anyone besides people in other bands.

    1. like every other hype band "punk boss" hahah

  2. They played in Urbana a couple months ago, but other than that I think they've yet to travel outside Chicagoland. These ones gotta get on the road.

  3. upload Hot Beef!!