Thursday, December 5, 2013

Koward - Self Titled 7"

 photo kowardrec_zps61d1bff2.jpg

I didn't know anything about Koward previous to GAG tour aside from the fact that everyone else in the band loved them. We played with them in Boston (Alston) and they were great. The insanity of being packed into such a tiny, low-ceiling room during "Sick Of Dope" was fucking unreal. I was also surprised to see that Mark was in the band who I had met in the lovely year of 07 and corresponded with/bounce partied in a trampoline room with at his old warehouse (he later burned down) on Sixes tour. The guy is in great bands.

 photo kowardstick_zpsd7645d0f.jpg

 photo kowardback_zps4f392498.jpg


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