Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Needles - S/T EP

 photo NeedlesEP_zps8ad7fde0.jpg

As promised here is Needles first 7". This record has been burning on my shelf for a minute and it wasn't until recently (the last couple years when Needles has been playing pretty frequently), that I realized how good it was. It was recommended to me in 2007 when it came out and Judd got it in stock at Phantom City. All I knew was that it was Martin from Limp Wrist and I was hooked instantly. Compared to Limp Wrist or Crudos, Needles is much more midwest hardcore influenced. Lots of crazy hardcore aspects similar to maybe Die Kruezen (I know boring comparison but it fits a little). Flipped it over and over but never expected to be able to see them. Stoked we've had so many chances to play with this band and very excited for future releases and tours.

 photo neeedlzelyricz_zps1db6dfe1.jpg 

   photo needlezlyricz2_zps601bb696.jpg 

   photo Needlezback_zpsc2c17127.jpg


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