Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gas Rag - S/T EP

 photo gasragep_zps5e8ab818.jpg

This band has generated a lot of hype behind them and it's worth the attention because it's great both recorded and live. I'll never understand the whole huffing thing as a trend considering how fucking stupid that is when there are consistently kids in Mexico, Rwanda and other African cities who essentially have to huff glue in order to ignore hunger pains, weather conditions and ailments. Then stupid American kids choose to permanently do damage to their brains because 'there's nothing better to do' in their life? Boo-fucking-hoo look around you, there's everything to do, you can do whatever you want and you're not impoverished or dying. But hey, look at it as commentary on the idiocy of American youth culture and the affects of the greater idiocy of the American political system; that's what every lyric on the release is about anyway so looks like glue huffing, apathy ridden, angsty young adults are outta luck, haha. Truly a great record, just under the five minute mark of nasty, visceral hardcore punk. I can't even believe how good they were in Toronto.

 photo gasrageovacj_zpsb2c3ff4e.jpg


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