Tuesday, December 3, 2013

No Time - Demo

 photo NoTime0088_zps34d82f9a.jpg

So I know I usually stick to a 'physical copy' aesthetic for this blog but in this case the band doesn't have one and I was so amped on the performance I had to put it up! Gag tour was insane and out of control long so it's difficult to remember every band we played with but No Time definitely stuck with me. Fronted by Adam from Masakari and Heartless I was presently surprised by a friend's new band I hadn't heard of. No Time blew me away, catchy leads and hooks with just enough power from the vocals to keep it from sounding wienie. Not to mention Adam's stage presence was great, so much energy! Named after a Partisans jam possibly? 'Cutthroat' and 'Headache' are the stand out tracks from me; the band as a whole leans a little more on the street-punk than the oi sound but then 'Warpath' kicks in and "nothing to lose but the shine on our boots" reminds us where they're coming from. I've been listening to the mp3s over and over since we saw them play, it's real infectious stuff. Adam said they'll be making something out of it soon (cassette, 7"?) so I'm hoping to land a copy of that so I can put up some scans and stuff. For now do yourself a favor and download!


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