Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bloodkrow Butcher - Anti War EP

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So I kind of slept on how long it took me to put this one up considering that they're broken up now but Bloodkrow was a sick band. I first saw them when we played with them at Subversion fest in the bay the year before last. I recognized PJ from Male Nurses and one of my friends from Boston had given me a shirt. I traded the shirt for this EP because I have too many shirts and appreciate the music more. This EP is great, short and sweet. Who declared the war? Not the corpses.

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Mongoloid - Demo CS

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Portland seems to be on the up lately which is great because it seems to have remained dormant for so long. Mongoloid is a great band from the area. I've had the chance to play with them a handful of times and I was impressed every time. The music translates really well to tape, tasteful noodling and Sick Pleasure-esque vocals kind of give an early Flag feel. Hardcore punk done proper with a weird insert of Harley Flanagan haha.

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Love Interest - CS repost

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More copies of the Love Interest Cassette were made. Love Interest has been practicing so keep your ear out for some new songs. New tape has lyrics! Just a reminder that this bad boy is around.

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Cop Rot - II CS

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Cop Rot II CS from your friends in Seattle, WA. Members of Nudes, Grimace (Bricklayer), Dirty Joe, etc. etc. etc. Choppy and dirty hardcore punk where barre chords abound. I was supposed to fill in for a Canada gig with Vacant State but plans got dropped as odds were stacked against everyone. Vacant State dropped anyway so no sweat. Keep an ear out for these bad boys I'm sure there will be more to come.

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Freedom - Pay The Price 7"

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I don't have enough good things to say about this record. I caught this band play one or two songs jumping on the end of a set in Toronto when we were out there for Not Dead Yet. I was pretty pumped on what I heard but didn't realize it would translate so well to recording. This record is unreal good. The bass and guitar tone are perfect, the drums have every little nuance I'd desire out of the breaks and groove; this shit is awesome. Because the recording quality is pretty up there and coupled with the way the vocals sound it kind of reminds me of One Life Crew at times. Also comparison fair to note; Confront's 'Payday' and 'Pay the Price', put some skits in there and we'd have a re-release of 'Justice'. Thank god there's an OLC equivalent without shitty lyrics, haha. The last track has a few straight lifted Abused lines. Can't stop listening to this. Detroit Straight Edge. Great meat and potatoes hardcore.

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Transfix - S/T LP

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More music to match the weather from Olympia, WA. Gloomy and morose yet still upbeat; you'll smile through the melancholy when you give it a spin. Gag's own Scotty holds down the keys on this bad boy. Their record release show was pretty out of this world, a giant, big-screen TV got destroyed with an axe during the last song.I was asked to just put up "Bad Trip", "Fix Tomorrow" and "Modern World" so here's a little three song teaser of a twelve song LP. Great stuff, pick it up while it's still available at Dutch Tilt.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Ivy - Demo CS

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We played an amazing show in New York on Gag tour and Ivy was one of the bands we played with. Long time friend and former Olympia resident Ben Trogden (Of Nuts, Crude Thought, Spiritual Warriors fame) posted us up at his warehouse fed us tons of pizza and played drums in this sick band. I had no expectations (as in I didn't even know Ben had a new band) for Ivy but when I saw them I was blown away. Great live performance and the tape translates really well. Very low recording quality and obvious Brown Sugar comparisons abound. The same wild lyrical concepts, figurative language and delivery can be found in Ivy but this time with short and sweet songs. Good stuff, give it a listen. Ben is the man!

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Institute - CS

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Austin is at it again with a perfect demo tape. Very glad I was able to get a copy while I was in Texas on tour. This Institute tape has been on heavy rotation for me and kills it on all fronts that it goes for. Somewhere between UK anarcho punk and brooding post-punk and goth is Institute, and they are doing a damn good job at keeping it interesting. 'Narrow and Straight' gives some serious nods to Flux. Give it a jam, it's infectious.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Violent Reaction - Demo CS

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Holy shit, when I first heard this I imagined it could easily be promoted as unreleased Rest In Pieces; that mixed with other late 80s NY giants Raw Deal and Sick Of It All give you the Violent Reaction demo. Supercharged and hard as nails, this demo rips. You'll be hooked after the first track or your money back. Well... I can't guarantee that (unless you like good hardcore) but you could pawn the copy off on me and I'll get it to some deserving, UNCLOGGED ears. UK Straight Edge this band kills it. I was lucky enough to play with them in DC and am beyond stoked to book them in Olympia in May. Do yourself a goddamn favor and download this slice of meat and potatoes hardcore.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Update

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So a lot is going on in good old Olympia, New Year's show was amazing, our barrel in the backyard is still smoldering in the rain and we're still missing parts of the ceiling in the garage. Lots of releases to put up and tons of new sick stuff to look out for in Olympia:

A fest I'm doing in early August similar to New Direction Fest but not on as grand of a scale, marking the return of Brigada Roja and Tercer Mundo's first US show plus many many many more to be announced.

Hounds of Hate + Scary Man reunion on January 24th

Violent Reaction + The Flex in Olympia May 11th

Hysterics European Tour in May

Rain Fest 2014

Gag return to the East Coast yet to be determined (April roughly)

The Return of GRIMACE

New Bands: CONVICT (Poison Idea meets late 80s NY), ODD MAN OUT (Straight Edge Hardcore), TURTLE NECK (77 Punk and GBH) and a project I'll be doing with Ralph from Chicago (6 songs so far) that is yet to be named plus a few more. Demo Tapes coming soon.

GAG - Discography CS

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New GAG discography CS available soon, we'll have copies and probably through BUILDING. Stay tuned.

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Download Teaser

Glue - S/T 7"

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Speaking of Cody... This is a repost of the demo that just came out on a 7" so you all know about it. They're going to have it on their upcoming tour so don't lose your chance to pick it up! The lyrics are great I'm pumped that the 7" has the lyrics, the tape didn't.

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Pinkos - Demo CS

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I got this bad boy in the mail sometime in September I believe. The package was from Cody and included a mix and this tape described as 'his new band'. I only got the chance to listen to it once before I left for tour, little did I know how often I'd be running into everybody. We played with Pinkos in Austin, hung out with Ron in Chicago, and hung out with some of the Austin dudez in Toronto. More good stuff from the constant output Cody seems to have under his belt. Catchy stuff, "Capital City" is the standout track for me, somewhere between basic poorly recorded punk, some anarcho influence (or maybe I'm leaning that way because of the aesthetic) and what was described to me as 'secret garage punk'. Give it a listen yourself and try to put your finger on it. Unsure of the fate of this band seeing as Ron moved back to Chicago. Stoked! Keep it comin' Cody. Oh also Sex Pistols cover band shared members and was amazing. So much better than I could have ever hoped.

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