Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pinkos - Demo CS

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I got this bad boy in the mail sometime in September I believe. The package was from Cody and included a mix and this tape described as 'his new band'. I only got the chance to listen to it once before I left for tour, little did I know how often I'd be running into everybody. We played with Pinkos in Austin, hung out with Ron in Chicago, and hung out with some of the Austin dudez in Toronto. More good stuff from the constant output Cody seems to have under his belt. Catchy stuff, "Capital City" is the standout track for me, somewhere between basic poorly recorded punk, some anarcho influence (or maybe I'm leaning that way because of the aesthetic) and what was described to me as 'secret garage punk'. Give it a listen yourself and try to put your finger on it. Unsure of the fate of this band seeing as Ron moved back to Chicago. Stoked! Keep it comin' Cody. Oh also Sex Pistols cover band shared members and was amazing. So much better than I could have ever hoped.

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