Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Freedom - Pay The Price 7"

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I don't have enough good things to say about this record. I caught this band play one or two songs jumping on the end of a set in Toronto when we were out there for Not Dead Yet. I was pretty pumped on what I heard but didn't realize it would translate so well to recording. This record is unreal good. The bass and guitar tone are perfect, the drums have every little nuance I'd desire out of the breaks and groove; this shit is awesome. Because the recording quality is pretty up there and coupled with the way the vocals sound it kind of reminds me of One Life Crew at times. Also comparison fair to note; Confront's 'Payday' and 'Pay the Price', put some skits in there and we'd have a re-release of 'Justice'. Thank god there's an OLC equivalent without shitty lyrics, haha. The last track has a few straight lifted Abused lines. Can't stop listening to this. Detroit Straight Edge. Great meat and potatoes hardcore.

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