Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year's Update

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So a lot is going on in good old Olympia, New Year's show was amazing, our barrel in the backyard is still smoldering in the rain and we're still missing parts of the ceiling in the garage. Lots of releases to put up and tons of new sick stuff to look out for in Olympia:

A fest I'm doing in early August similar to New Direction Fest but not on as grand of a scale, marking the return of Brigada Roja and Tercer Mundo's first US show plus many many many more to be announced.

Hounds of Hate + Scary Man reunion on January 24th

Violent Reaction + The Flex in Olympia May 11th

Hysterics European Tour in May

Rain Fest 2014

Gag return to the East Coast yet to be determined (April roughly)

The Return of GRIMACE

New Bands: CONVICT (Poison Idea meets late 80s NY), ODD MAN OUT (Straight Edge Hardcore), TURTLE NECK (77 Punk and GBH) and a project I'll be doing with Ralph from Chicago (6 songs so far) that is yet to be named plus a few more. Demo Tapes coming soon.

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