Friday, January 24, 2014

Ivy - Demo CS

 photo Ivydemotape_zps156de327.jpg

We played an amazing show in New York on Gag tour and Ivy was one of the bands we played with. Long time friend and former Olympia resident Ben Trogden (Of Nuts, Crude Thought, Spiritual Warriors fame) posted us up at his warehouse fed us tons of pizza and played drums in this sick band. I had no expectations (as in I didn't even know Ben had a new band) for Ivy but when I saw them I was blown away. Great live performance and the tape translates really well. Very low recording quality and obvious Brown Sugar comparisons abound. The same wild lyrical concepts, figurative language and delivery can be found in Ivy but this time with short and sweet songs. Good stuff, give it a listen. Ben is the man!

 photo ivylyrics_zps4c08868a.jpg


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