Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bricklayer - Live At Black Lodge

Bricklayer just recorded. Be on the look out.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scalped - Demo 2014 CS

 photo scalpedcs_zpsed2d65b9.jpg

Pitched to me as "the new Yadokai band" before I had ever even heard it, of course that's what I expected. I got rocked by this cassette, so much heavier than I thought it was going to be. Guitars are laden with a metal crunch but it defies the genre by the real beauty of this release which is the brevity of the tracks. Heavy feedback and harsh reverb laden vocals make for a pummeling you won't soon recover from. The mosh comes quicker than you can brace yourself for, "Hyperphagia" being my personal favorite track. Almost has a Merauder break. Make sure you catch their Olympia and Seattle dates when they trek through the Northwest, June 20th and 22nd respectively.

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Violent Reaction - City Streets LP

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Violent Reaction wastes no time in getting a full length out after the demo and 7". I have a feeling their full US is going to be very well received. The full length sees a few nods to some oi influence, very nuanced but it comes through in "City Streets" near the end and the chants in "VR Stomp" among various other tracks. More stop and go hardcore that'll have you wishing you were polishing your boots in the UK. If you don't believe me listen to the break in "Burn". Don't sleep cause I'm booking the NW dates and who knows when they'll be back next, don't miss them in Portland, Olympia or Seattle. PDX May 9th w/ The FLEX, GAG  & PMS 84 - SEA May 10th w/ The FLEX, Convict & Bricklayer - OLY May 11th The FLEX, Vacant State & Odd Man Out.

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Violent Reaction - S/T 7"

 photo VR7_zpsec8b785f.jpg

More from the UK's best 'one man band' Violent Reaction. This follow up 7" to the demo sees a much more polished sound and more of a contemporary hardcore feel (mostly due to the production). "Shut You Out" is the stomper and "Nothing Left" sounds reminiscent of "You're No Friend of Mine" among other cuts on 'Step On It'. Great stuff, the release could not get more straight edge. Back is an X, B label is three X's, and the whole thing folds out into a huge X with lyrics. Unfortunately I couldn't scan it all in so you'll have to pick it up for yourself.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lifeform - Demo CS

 photo Lifeformcs_zps05d370d4.jpg

Portland has some hardcore going for them again and it's sick. Along with Mongoloid, Lifeform puts hardcore from pdx back on the radar. Noisey as shit and maniacal vocals are driven by bass and scissored drums. This tape is sick, translated really well to recording. 'Sad Sack' is the jammer. Sadly our friends from Portland Lifeform are no more. But fortunately they have some new bands, Crime Zone and PMA. Be on the look out.


GAG - Live on KBOO CS

 photo Gaglivecs_zpsc8ee8b92.jpg

In true Gag fashion this tape sounds like doo doo, haha. Regardless, we rocked it on KBOO (thanks Kevin!) and put the tracks out as a cassette. The track listing on the tape is actually wrong but I sorted it out when I ripped it. Rock 'N Roll Brother. If you like bass and vocals you'll love this.

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Multitude - Demo CS

 photo Multitudecs_zpsab347b77.jpg

Multitude formed out of the ashes of Dehumanized after we disbanded. At first James took it in a solo direction (he wrote all the songs and conceptualized the project) and did some stuff on synth with candles and lights etc. Of course it only took a second before James was back to the trebelly metal he knows and loves. I remember jamming 'Violence Of Our Lives' and 'Chaos' with him before they had a chance to become Dehumanized songs and 'Won't Stand For It' was recorded as a Dehumanized song. Multitude released this four song cassette as a two piece with the help of his friend Britton shortly after Dehumanzied bit the dust. I had the chance to reconnect with James in the Bay recently and listen to all the metal stuff he had been recording solo and otherwise and this tape doesn't even begin to do justice to all the new songs he's got going. Stoked to hear more from him as he writes it. He always has shitloads of songs and really sick riffs.

 photo Multitudelyrics_zps949a32d2.jpg


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

G Spot - Demo CS

 photo Gspotcs_zps68c17b2d.jpg

G Spot is killing it. I was first emailed by the band asking to review their demo and provided with a link to them playing outside at a school to almost no one but going fucking crazy and I knew these kids had it going on. I received a cassette shortly thereafter and the art was enough to complete the aesthetic. Young and snotty just like hardcore punk should be. Music delivered at breakneck speaks with even a little bit of voice breaking a'la Gang Green in 'So Damn Slick'. Also that scream at the end of 'It's Not A Game... It's Cancer' holy shit. That shattered my ears. This tape is great. Much gusto.

  photo gspotinsert_zpse0370841.jpg


Hot Beef - Demo CS

 photo HotBeefCS_zps79a75f2d.jpg

This is Mark Winter's solo project and jesus christ it is amazing. When he said he had a gift for me and that it was his solo project i knew it was gonna be good but I didn't know it would be mind blowing. I could go in and try to pick out favorite tracks but it actually isn't possible. If I was forced to choose I'd probably go with "'lectric Guitar" or "Acid Freak". Every song just comes flying out the gate so gnarly and outrageous. Darby Crash meets fucking united mutation or something. Halfway through the tape it starts getting even more insane. Track 7 is a crazy 'primus' esque bass driven freak out that I can't help but love. Words cannot describe how amazing I find this tape to be.

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Face The Rail - S/T LP

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I first saw Face the Rail on their tour in 2010. We had some show fuckups and shutdowns and the show ended up happening spread over two venues. It was Scary Man's first show as well and I threw out all of our tapes into the crowd. Since then we've made awesome friendships with some sweet dude's from the Bay and I've spun the LP quite a  bit. Poppy melodies and quick burner tracks make this record hold your attention all the way through A to B. Sick stuff, I've also heard rumor of more shows in the future? Haven't heard from Face the Rail in a while.

 photo facetheraillyr2_zpse02a88db.jpg

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Chud - Demo CS

  photo Chuddemotape_zps7780a90f.jpg

We played with CHUD two years ago in a tiny basement somewhere in the Midwest that I totally forgot the location. The show was fucking awesome and Chud killed it. Live they reminded me of "More Beer" era Fear, on tape it doesn't come through that way but it's fucking great. Rockin' and great live performance. They didn't have demos for that show but I was lucky enough to be given one the next time I stopped through.

 photo Chudinsert_zps99212427.jpg

 photo Chudart_zps45aab151.jpg


Warrior Tribes/Distract - Split CS

 photo Warrirotribesspliot_zpsceb98774.jpg

Split cassette with Warrior Tribes and Distract from Chicago. Bob contacted me and asked me to check this tape out and we found out we had mutual friends. I also remembered Distract from playing with them at the Not Normal Showcase and they were great! Warrior tribes is led by single note guitar and fueled by guttural vocals. Meaty and a punch to the gut. Three tracks from Warrior Tribes two from Distract. Thanks for the package Bill!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Chain - Steppin' Outta Line CS

  photo ChainSteppincover_zps552f8146.jpg

The Chain's follow up cassette to the first tape a year later. This tape has more of the feel that I got from them live. While the first cassette had a more straight forward sound with 'Rest In Pieces'-esque vocals this tape is straight straight ahead worship.Three new tracks with a Confront cover. Can't go wrong with that. Hope to see these guys again soon.

 photo steppinputtalinelyrics_zps048d94e6.jpg

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The Chain - You Can't Break Tha Fuckin' Chain CS

  photo CantBreakthechaintape_zps0042612b.jpg

I first saw The Chain in Calgary at Garbage Daze the day I played with White Wards and was stoked that this style of hardcore was on the fest. Well below hype at this point The Chain is that quintessential contemporary hardcore with a late 80s New York flare that has recently gone under the radar.. Reverbed out dive bombs and mosh abounds. Don't Sleep! Live Clean Stay Fucking Mean.

 photo cantbreaklyrics_zps2f7116f7.jpg


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vexx - S/T LP

  photo Vexxcover_zps9d5f5313.jpg

Vexx is a supercharged punk influenced rock band from Olympia, WA. Paying homage to 70s acts and 60s rock n roll with that touch of contemporary speed and flare and sometimes a bluesy feel. Mike's maniacal guitar playing backed by Corey never missing a beat makes for the wall of impenetrable sound that is Vexx. I remember when the band was in it's formative stages and Mary Jane would come over to the Family House with absolutely no voice. When questioned what she had been doing she'd reply, 'oh we're starting a rock band'. The great thing about this LP is that it in no way captures their whole sound. If you want a real taste of what Vexx is you have to catch them live. Before you know it the intensity of every member's performance infects every fluid ounce of rock n' roll in your blood and you'll go from foot tapping and head bobbing to a total loss of inhibition. The cut for me on this release is "Don't Talk About It", it's complete and total energy from start to collapse. "Strength" is also quite the stand out track for me considering conversations I've had with Mary Jane over the years and the overall feel of the track. I really wish this track closed off the LP personally. They just did a short West Coast jaunt but keep your ears out because I'm sure they'll be rolling out to your town soon. Blasting out of the gate straight to LP you know the gears are just getting turning.

 photo Vexxlp_zps9c3183b2.jpg

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Menanites - Demo CS

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Man sorry it took me so long to put this one up it's been a long time coming. Northwest Indiana pretty much has the best scene hands down. Tons of kids who not only rage but have their heads on straight and aren't a bunch of annoying drunk punks or posers. Every set I've ever played in the area has been out of control and kids never lose their energy. In short, the midwest is where it's at, which is great because they have quite the name to live up to. On Adjustment's midwest tour I made the acquaintance of Kevin from Menanites who gave me this cassette and let us stay at his place. NWI's Menanites is just what the doctor ordered.  Fierce and snotty hardcore punk with a diverse track listing that doesn't make for easy classification. Bits and pieces from 80s bay area and massachusetts is what comes to mind for me. "Unimportant" is the fucking ripper. Short and sweet just how I like it. I'm very sad I never got the opportunity to see Menanites but I always get to see Kevin when I'm down there. Sick stuff.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Flex - Scum on the Run

  photo theflexscum_zps47b41b0e.jpg

Ladies and gentlemen, meet THE FLEX from the UK. Fierce and menacing straight edge hardcore. Pumped to be booking them on their tour with Violent Reaction. The Flex fits somewhere between late 80s NY and a contemporary flare. Fast to mid-tempo with hard breaks, hardcore at its simplest. Download and get pumped for the US invasion.

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 photo VRFLEX_zps53775e26.jpg