Friday, April 4, 2014

Menanites - Demo CS

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Man sorry it took me so long to put this one up it's been a long time coming. Northwest Indiana pretty much has the best scene hands down. Tons of kids who not only rage but have their heads on straight and aren't a bunch of annoying drunk punks or posers. Every set I've ever played in the area has been out of control and kids never lose their energy. In short, the midwest is where it's at, which is great because they have quite the name to live up to. On Adjustment's midwest tour I made the acquaintance of Kevin from Menanites who gave me this cassette and let us stay at his place. NWI's Menanites is just what the doctor ordered.  Fierce and snotty hardcore punk with a diverse track listing that doesn't make for easy classification. Bits and pieces from 80s bay area and massachusetts is what comes to mind for me. "Unimportant" is the fucking ripper. Short and sweet just how I like it. I'm very sad I never got the opportunity to see Menanites but I always get to see Kevin when I'm down there. Sick stuff.

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