Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Multitude - Demo CS

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Multitude formed out of the ashes of Dehumanized after we disbanded. At first James took it in a solo direction (he wrote all the songs and conceptualized the project) and did some stuff on synth with candles and lights etc. Of course it only took a second before James was back to the trebelly metal he knows and loves. I remember jamming 'Violence Of Our Lives' and 'Chaos' with him before they had a chance to become Dehumanized songs and 'Won't Stand For It' was recorded as a Dehumanized song. Multitude released this four song cassette as a two piece with the help of his friend Britton shortly after Dehumanzied bit the dust. I had the chance to reconnect with James in the Bay recently and listen to all the metal stuff he had been recording solo and otherwise and this tape doesn't even begin to do justice to all the new songs he's got going. Stoked to hear more from him as he writes it. He always has shitloads of songs and really sick riffs.

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