Thursday, April 3, 2014

La Misma - S/T 7"

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Nay is the homie for sure so when she asked if I'd book La Misma in Oly of course I was beyond down. I got a demo tape from her quite a while ago and loved it, you can check it out here. La Misma blew me away live, great energy and tightly executed music. I heard a bunch of songs I didn't recognize so I was really excited to get a chance to check out the record. The 7" was beyond my expectations, incredibly infectious and catchy, the first time I listened to it I flipped it four times. The first track 'Arete' is the all out attack to open up the record. Fierce and abrupt. The second track is layered with riffs, that opener is fucking great. The third track 'Guerras Silenciosas' is the goddamn call to arms. The almost street-punk esque leads took me back to a sense of young adult urgency and created that morose atmosphere I described before from the demo tape. The lyrics only serve to exemplify that feeling exponentially. It's sorrowful yet hopeful, it's bleak yet encouraging, it's La Misma. Damn that could be a sick commercial. Also that last track is pretty out of control vocal wise, we're talking on par with springa style delivery in terms of vocal speed only Nay's got a one up because she says every word, haha. Anyhow download it and pick it up while you can it's fucking great! My favorite current band from New York. Definitely a record that will stand the test of time.

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