Tuesday, March 12, 2013

La Misma - Demo CS


To describe and label in an uncreative way La Misma is a New York based all female hardcore punk band that belts out all the vocals in Portuguese. Nay gave me a copy of this cassette when she came through with Sad Boys (which Gag played at the Track House). I half expected it to be similar to the last band she was in Eunuch but it was much different. The whole tape has a morosely cheerful vibe to it the whole way through, transitioning seamlessly from dark dirgy riffs to cheerful, catchy choruses accompanied by very poetic lyrics. The first track is bass driven and sets the tone for the whole cassette. The music is all its own, taking bits and pieces you may have heard in other tunes and absorbing it into their sound. The aforementioned sound is lo fidelity, delayed vocals and the sad/happy key changes I mentioned earlier. Every track blasts straight into the meat of the song and has washed out leads, catchy choruses and everything else you'd want from punk anthems. The second track showcases the more dark dirgy side of their sound and the third track "Veu De Liberdade" is probably my favorite track because of the cuts and the chord progression in the chorus. The fourth track then returns to the upbeat cheerful feel before moving to the most dynamic song on the tape "Fado". I love the gallop in that song. The last track starts as a washy blast and ends as it starts, in a burst of energy. All the lyrics are accompanied by translations. I really enjoyed this cassette and have been flipping it over and over. I'm hoping Adjustment gets to play with them when we get to New York next  month.


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