Thursday, March 7, 2013

Missing Person - Surfer's Ear CS


Here's another review of a cassette I got mailed to me, I love getting new music in the mail so keep sending shit my way anyone interested. I was really thrown for a loop with this one. The aesthetic and music points to surfy punk but I get a lot of post-punk influence out of it. Missing Person starts their tape off with "Backyard" which is the track that most gives me an "eerie" post punk vibe, almost goth sounding. This could be blamed on the lo fidelity of the recordings but that reverb laden noodling and vocals calls for some surf. "Bikini" then begins the tape descent into obscure sounds followed up by "It's Too Late" by far the craziest track on the tape. The vocals over this track are shouted, steering away from the smooth delivery of the first two tracks and it all just falls apart to end it. "Lost In the Woods" and "Surfer's Ear" pick up the tempo again and return to that smooth, reverb laden vocal delivery. Reminiscent maybe of Rebel Truth (charred remains era) and Agent Orange sorts of tracks but more dischordant. I really like the build up transition between these two tracks. "Low Tide" powers into a short thirty second blast of a song with shouted vocals, breaking up the symmetry of the tape. "Small Hands" finishes it all off with the usual formula and some noodly breaks... the storm after the calm. I really like how the tracks progress on the tape, a general sound is accomplished but it's broken up in such a way that it doesn't get boring. As this was mailed into me I only had the chance to listen to it a few times before I ripped it but I like what I hear. That first track is a real hook. Thanks for the surprise mail and if anyone ever wants their demos reviewed, email me and send em' my way!




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