Sunday, March 3, 2013

Power - Three Song Sampler


Power was nice enough to help Grimace out with some days the last tour we went on. We had some days dropped so Evan helped us out the last three days which just made me wish we did the whole thing with them. I miss and love those guys. Upon this reflection I'm going to take a moment to plug Unit B. Holy fuck I love that place and am glad I've been able to visit it as many times as I have. Skating all day while hanging with Grimace and friends in Power and Sabertooth ruled. Anyhow, I just picked up the new LP after a Tiki show tonight, I'll review that and write about the show later but in the time being it helped me to name the tracks. The sampler has three tracks from the LP, "Eight Eyes", "In Stride", and "Rotten Apple". On tour I asked Evan if "In Stride" was paying homage to the Vancouver Band we all had such close ties with and it sure as goddamn does. Respect where respect is due. The opening riff is incredibly reminiscent to the style of those bands as well, see the first track on the Keep It Clear demo tape. That little poke at In Stride made it my favorite new track initially but I gotta go with "Eight Eyes" right now. That track is arguably the best one on the lp as well. Upon listening I realized they played this one live a lot before the release of the lp making me think it must be one of the first new ones they wrote. These three tracks are a push in a much more dynamic direction for Power without compromising their already established style and sound. The sound clip at the end of "Rotten Apple" made me laugh. Ok, no more obnoxious stream of consciousness typing, here's the download.


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