Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nudes - Skin EP

 photo nudesrec_zpse9225aad.jpg

Now here is a goddamn record, the newest release from Seattle's Nudes and they already have another disc in the works that sounds fucking great. I've been waiting quite a while to get a copy of this. The tracks were the only music in my car for quite some time. The A and B sides were recorded all as one long track. The A side is my favorite for sure, starts off with a menacing dirge that breaks into a tom-roll leading into a blistering ever-soo-Nudes track. It fluctuates but the next track is my favorite on the release, the breaks where the riff plays alone are so damn good. Then comes a final track for the A side that reminds me of something off of the "Used Abused and Unamused EP" (which is definitely a compliment) specifically "Asking Too Much". The B side then starts off with a re-recorded track from the demo and the skin single on the lathe cut. I am so glad the re-recorded that first track and did it some justice, it's one of my favorite Nudes songs. All and all an amazingly good record put out on Canada's own Bedside. Chad just got a Bedside tattoo and he's coming down this week for me to give him a Grimace tattoo; down for life. Pick up a copy while you can, I doubt they'll be around long.

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