Thursday, March 14, 2013

V/A Punx Don't Drink


Here's a short and sweet comp I picked up out of Ralph's distro during New Direction Fest of last year. I picked it up solely for the title because I felt like it had a lot of potential to engage me. Unfortunately the description inside left me wanting more. Don't get me wrong I love the idea and think the release is cool as hell I'm just more critical of it because of it's potential and because I think it's a good thing to release. The write up fell short of speaking to the politics of choosing to abstain from drugs and alcohol in the punk scene which I feel is the crux of the argument. It mostly seems to focus on the fashions and aesthetic of the movement which implies this is what would make straight edge punk, though I fully doubt that was the intention. I don't think there's anything much more punk than saying 'no I won't' to globally marketed addictive tax revenue. Anyway, who cares what you are, give this bad boy a spin. I like that the a and b sides sort of fit each other. Like sounding bands are addressed to each side. The b side is substantially more aggressive sounding, I blame Coke Bust. My favorite track is the Poison Planet track "Mind Racing".

Poison Planet - The Victim
Poison Planet - Mind Racing
Boiling Over - Consume Me
Boiling Over - Trash City
Coke Bust - Under The Streetlights
Coke Bust - No One To Impress
Cold Shoulder - Can't Cheat Death
Cold Shoulder - Ghost Towns




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