Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Flex - Don't Bother With the Outside World CS

 photo FlexcoverDBW_zpsx0j0erfs.jpg

I had the pleasure of being reunited with The Flex boys again this year on their voyage across America. Bricklayer toured up from Texas with them and Red Death and we of course accommodated them in Portland, Seattle and Olympia as they came through our Northwest Territories. I absolutely love these boys, a real group of genuine lads out to have fun, good heads on their shoulders and just so happen to play dope hardcore. I gotta say this is definitely the best Flex release to date. The songs hit harder than bricks. I can't stop listening to it. I like that Tom just uses the Outburst drum fill for "Back For More" to open the song. This cassette is a pre-release for the record coming soon on Lockin' Out. I'm gonna see these boys again in a couple days in New York, how did I get so lucky this year? One of my top five current releases for sure. Do yourself a favor and download it.


Crown Court - Trouble From London Demo CS

 photo CrownCourtCS_zps32nhf5jb.jpg

Bias admitted, I absolutely love this. I'm not sure who all is in the band aside from Nick but I picked this demo up from the lads from Leeds while we were on tour. The demo reminds me of Red Alert with some 70s sentiments, it's catchy, infectious, driving and gruff as fuck. They don't make em like this too often anymore. I'm hooked, can't wait for more. Good contemporary Oi is hard to come by, this is very, very good.

  photo CrownCourtlyrics_zpsfagktkp3.jpg

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Concealed Blade - Demo CS

 photo ConcealedBladeCS_zpslyw1shfd.jpg

More new projects from the Hounds boys, Concealed Blade combines the furious aggression and speed of first wave hardcore with the brute strength and hard breaks of the east coast in the late 80s all sprinkled with more divebombs than you know what to do with. This demo will kick you on your ass. Another cut from the Hit Factory.

 photo ConcealedBladelyrics_zpsftz5ielf.jpg Download

S.L.I.P. - Songs of Love Ideals and Peace CS

 photo SlipCS_zpsooymyi3c.jpg

Dave gave me this cassette when Hounds came through last time around. Catchy, poppy hardcore punk akin to some late 70s acts. Dave equated it to Jabbers but I feel like it has much more of a Southern California vibe, I'm still trying to put my finger on what it really reminds me of. Until I do I'm going to enjoy listening to this bad boy over and over as I have been recently. Recorded at the Hit Factory baby.


Combat Knife - S/T CS

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Somewhere between the first wave of Japanese hardcore psychosis and American hardcore ugliness rests Combat Knife. The band comprises members from Olympia, WA and Portland, OR and this tape is the first release on Joey's Schizoid Unit. Member's of GAG and Life Form etc. you know you're gonna like it. Maniac drumming and mean, ugly riffs.

  photo Combatknifeinsert_zpszjdhuq7m.jpg


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Supercrush - I Don't Want To Be Sad Anymore b/w How Does It Feel (To Feel Like You)

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The much anticipated sophomore release from Supercrush. Two more songs to add as fuel to my ever growing adoration for this band. If you missed my post of their first single please check it out here. Where this release differs slightly from the first is that it doesn't have as much of that crunch and feedback so ever present on the first single. These tracks have a much more jangly sing-song feel to them. Absolutely wonderful. Just in time for summer.

 photo suipercrush2_zpsxxohe7ek.jpg