Thursday, March 6, 2014

Supercrush - Lifted b/w Melt Into You (Drift Away)

 photo supercrush_zpsa295c095.jpg

This is absolutely amazing, Supercrush's single is honey to the ears overloaded with that fuzzed out warm feel and full of overwhelming angst and romance. Supercrush straddles many genres and makes a sound all their own. Pulling a lot of influence from 90s dreampop and American alternative and grunge Supercrush lies more on the formulaic rock side ala Swervedriver or Moose. 'Lifted' is a smooth melodic drift that breaks into an infectious rock groove. Almost as if Moose's 'Suzanne' were made happy. When it switches over to that double time on the hi-hat. Goddamn. 'Melt Into You' will never leave your head once the melody takes root. That prolonged lead carries the song through to its bittersweet end. This is amazing stuff. Keep it coming Mark.

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