Monday, March 3, 2014

Glitter - Spinning Ballerina Cassingle

 photo Glittersingle_zps8c6b9b9f.jpg

So my friend Jason from Calgary sent me a bunch of shit and this new Glitter CS was one of the sickest of the bunch. It's just the one song and another Glitter theme reprise which is hilarious and sick! Unfortunately my ripper is down so I can't get the reprise up just yet but I got the one song from the a side for  you. The song is menacing, fierce and deranged and clocks in at three and a half minutes. It's got that Glitter sound you should already know and love from the demo tape post. This shit is great, thanks Jason!

 photo Glittercsingleinsert_zpsfe5b195b.jpg


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  1. Perfect day is another Glitter song too. Ill get them to send me the files to pass onto you.