Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bricklayer - The Wall Is Coming + New Band News

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From the ashes of GRIMACE rises the phoenix that is BRICKLAYER. We played our first show in Seattle not too long ago though I played like garbage from so much jamming and working. We're playing again with LA MISMA at our house. More new Oly bands to come: TURTLE NECK are playing our first show for FREAK VIBE's tour kickoff. CONVICT is going to fly out the gate sooner than you can prepare for and ODD MAN OUT is still in its formative stages. BAD BLOOD is an Oly/Chicago connection project I'm working on with Ralph from NOT NORMAL. We got our first show booked for Ralph's Not Normal showcase June 8th and 9th in Chicago. Stay posted I'll put up music soon!

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 BRICKLAYER's first show at the NutHole:

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