Monday, March 3, 2014

Glitter - Demo CS

 photo Glitterdeno_zps5be9b6eb.jpg

So here's another one I've slept on for a while and have been really meaning to put up. I first played with Glitter with White Wards and Nudes in BC then again in Calgary with GAG and White Wards and that's when they really made an impact on me. Following up the Sperm post with another Canadian band Glitter has got some wild shit going on. I'm a big fan of the clean guitar, discordant sound and some of that wild flanger going on. "Soaking in the Moonlight" is my favorite track for sure. I know this is one of those comparisons I'm going to look at later and go, 'why the hell did I say that' but sometimes the vocals remind me of Personality Crisis. It's deep, guttural and wild, this is some crazy shit.Once again sorry about how long it takes me to put shit up I got a shitload of stuff and way too much to do every day. More coming your way.

 photo Glitterdemoinsert_zps9fce905f.jpg



  1. it don't work!!??!

  2. This band is fucking awesome - great, noisy hardcore punk tunes just under rehearsed enough to keep it edgy. The drummer is the secret weapon!