Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sperm - Demo CS

 photo spermcs_zps69e3e442.jpg

I've actually had this one tabled for a while and kept meaning to put it up. Sperm is from Calgary and I originally got the demo sent to me before coming up to play with them for the fest the year before last. This demo is great, the rip doesn't do it justice, it sounds a lot more menacing through my stereo from the cassette. The part on the first track where it picks up... goddamn. The songs on this tape are fluid and catchy with plenty of stompables. The vocals remind me of barricade, they kind of have an early 00's feel to them. Jason just sent me a package of a few tapes and this one was included. I already had one so I gave the other to Adam. I'll put up the others as I get around to them but am leaving for the Bay tomorrow. Good stuff, keep it up boys. "For Men".


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