Sunday, February 2, 2014

Dirty Joe & The Brickwalls - Demo CS

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New Olympia band Dirty Joe & The Brickwalls. I'm a big fan of Joe's lyrics, particularly on tracks 'False Unity', 'Braindead', and 'Money Games'. I also appreciate the reference to Nos energy drinks, haha. 'Can't Take It' is the quintessential noisey mosh build up that ends with a bass driven noisey mosh once again. 'Labeled' makes vocal nods to Breakdown's own 'Labeled', 'False Unity' is pretty much exactly Vacant State's 'Give It Up' but with cooler lyrics about a similar subject (not too much of a surprise considering that Joe loves those guys and has a VS tattoo), 'Braindead' has a cool synth intro which reminds me of the ominous interlude on the second Dehumanized tape then breaks out into a straight Agnostic Front style formula, 'Hermit' is a Gang Green style build up to nothing and 'Money Games' is the mosher we've all been waiting for with a goddamn key slide. Great stuff, much love for Mr. Joe Madball Mabbatt.

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