Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sperm - Demo CS

 photo spermcs_zps69e3e442.jpg

I've actually had this one tabled for a while and kept meaning to put it up. Sperm is from Calgary and I originally got the demo sent to me before coming up to play with them for the fest the year before last. This demo is great, the rip doesn't do it justice, it sounds a lot more menacing through my stereo from the cassette. The part on the first track where it picks up... goddamn. The songs on this tape are fluid and catchy with plenty of stompables. The vocals remind me of barricade, they kind of have an early 00's feel to them. Jason just sent me a package of a few tapes and this one was included. I already had one so I gave the other to Adam. I'll put up the others as I get around to them but am leaving for the Bay tomorrow. Good stuff, keep it up boys. "For Men".


Bloodkrow Butcher - 2012 CS

 photo bloodkrowtape_zpsc39a2e82.jpg

Bloodkrow CS with the anti war EP and a couple extra songs on it. The thing I like so much about this band is the clean guitar tone which is rather unusual for most of their contemporaries trying to do the 'ol "D-beat" thing. Gives it a much more hardcore feel that I duly appreciate. "Reject", now that's a cut.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scary Man - CS Reissue

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Scary Man is back in action and we'll have some new songs for you all. I had nine written a year ago but I'm going to use them for a project with Ralph from chicago but I got 2 more, Joey's got 2 and Ian's got 1 plus we have the addition of a second guitar player so goddamn, we're gonna get some more output comin'. I proposed the idea of reuniting for the Hounds of Hate show coming through Olympia and after some deliberation and initial denial we were in! Now the plan is to keep on truckin. Peep the original post here of the hand painted demos, I remade fifty for this show and printed some t-shirts which I still have left over. I'll put up the remaining soon on a bigcartel to generate some money for a fest in August. Keep yourselves tuned in as the Scary Men are here to stay.

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Dirty Joe & The Brickwalls - Demo CS

 photo DirtyJoe_zps2c1a0dd7.jpg

New Olympia band Dirty Joe & The Brickwalls. I'm a big fan of Joe's lyrics, particularly on tracks 'False Unity', 'Braindead', and 'Money Games'. I also appreciate the reference to Nos energy drinks, haha. 'Can't Take It' is the quintessential noisey mosh build up that ends with a bass driven noisey mosh once again. 'Labeled' makes vocal nods to Breakdown's own 'Labeled', 'False Unity' is pretty much exactly Vacant State's 'Give It Up' but with cooler lyrics about a similar subject (not too much of a surprise considering that Joe loves those guys and has a VS tattoo), 'Braindead' has a cool synth intro which reminds me of the ominous interlude on the second Dehumanized tape then breaks out into a straight Agnostic Front style formula, 'Hermit' is a Gang Green style build up to nothing and 'Money Games' is the mosher we've all been waiting for with a goddamn key slide. Great stuff, much love for Mr. Joe Madball Mabbatt.

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