Monday, June 17, 2013

White Wards Tour

With Yadokai, be back soon everyone.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GAG - Gas Mask '95 Flexi

 photo gagfkexi_zps978acaef.jpg

Much thanks to Hayes here is Gag's Gas Mask '95 Flexi on Perennial Records. Hayes fucking kicks ass and has put out my personal favorite GAG release. Also we had tons of fun recording it. It's only two tracks but the two tracks rip. This is my favorite version of 'Warm Milk' as well because it has Dave Harvey playing saxophone through Adam's delay pedal in the intro. Comes with a huge fold out poster of Scott's artwork but I can't scan it all in, it's too big, only way to see it all is to get the record. Don't sleep on it!

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Misled Youth - Demo CS

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We got a chance to see Misled Youth at a Damaged City fest after show in DC. This band absolutely killed it! Their set in a tiny room at 1am was better than most of the fest that day. They're all younger kids and a member of coke bust playing contemporary hardcore with youth crew influences right. This shit is sick, "Hopeless" is the cut.

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Here's video of them at the aftershow.


Hounds Of Hate - S/T LP

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This is a fantastic release by Braddock's own Hounds of Hate. Adjustment to Society got to play their record release show in Pittsburgh on our east coast tour so I got a chance to snag this gem of a record. It's more of the same with a little more lean in the metal direction with some riffs, see my last description of their 7" where I compared them to a more hardcore version of 'Best Wishes'. This record is complete with more of those hard hitting Cro-Mags esque breaks and everything else you love about that groove in a lot of late 80s New York bands. I love this record, it's up there in a top five for 2013 so far. After tour before unpacking, bathing, sleeping or anything I spun this record twice. Trey also hooked it up with a 'Blood Red' LP I'll put up later. Released on the infamous Painkiller.

 photo HOHinsert_zps324d52f5.jpg

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Love Interest - Demo CS

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Sorry it took me so long to get this up it took everyone super long to get copies. It's all well worth the wait because this is probably my favorite release of 2013 right now, this cassette is perfect. It was recorded at our house next to the kitchen but I didn't know it would come out this great. Very much in the vein of early New Order/Joy division with melodies and atmospheres reminiscent of a britpop influence. I don't have enough good things to say about this cassette. Brought to you by members of White Wards and GAG. Carlos moved away so I'm not sure of the band's future.


Monday, June 10, 2013

GAG - Tour Video

Skating, Shenanigans, Body Count.

GAG - Live At Hotel Vegas

We are back from tour but White Wards is leaving again in a few days. For the time being here's some live footage from our first set at Chaos, super fun. I'll try and get more shit up asap, I have a ton of stuff sitting on my desk.