Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hounds Of Hate - S/T LP

  photo HOHcover_zpsabd1d760.jpg

This is a fantastic release by Braddock's own Hounds of Hate. Adjustment to Society got to play their record release show in Pittsburgh on our east coast tour so I got a chance to snag this gem of a record. It's more of the same with a little more lean in the metal direction with some riffs, see my last description of their 7" where I compared them to a more hardcore version of 'Best Wishes'. This record is complete with more of those hard hitting Cro-Mags esque breaks and everything else you love about that groove in a lot of late 80s New York bands. I love this record, it's up there in a top five for 2013 so far. After tour before unpacking, bathing, sleeping or anything I spun this record twice. Trey also hooked it up with a 'Blood Red' LP I'll put up later. Released on the infamous Painkiller.

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