Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trrash - Demo CS

 photo Trashcs_zpsac50e182.jpg

Chad played me the demoed Trrash tracks before it was a full lineup so I kinda had a feeling for what he was going for. The name embodies the sound, noisey, bass driven, and all about atmosphere. The initial recordings were Chad playing everything and singing now he has a lineup that is a bunch of people he lives with (of Freak Vibe, Nudes and Bricklayer fame). So far I've had the pleasure of seeing them twice one time of which was a dual first show. Turtle Neck is playing our first show with them tomorrow for Freak Vibe's tour kick off so come out to Le Voyeur if you live in Oly. Abrasive and out of control coupled with a maniacal live delivery is Trrash. There's a rumor of an added synth in the future and I'm all for it. Keep your ear out for these bad kids.

 photo trrashlyrucs_zps1c21af47.jpg

 photo trrashinsert_zpsafc02111.jpg


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  1. I'm pretty much in love with this band - the sound, the name, the graphics, their apparent show (from what pics I've seen). Xtine looks like a badass General. Lemme know if ANY of your crew are coming down south Atlanta side!