Tuesday, December 27, 2011

In Stride - Total Demonstration Tape


God damn. I know I said that I felt like each In Stride release was better than what it was preceded by but when I really search my feelings THIS TAPE will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart. In 2005 and 2006 In Stride was pretty much just my favorite band. Along with Blue Monday and Go It Alone (Not as much GIA because they got so big) I felt the bands from Vancouver were fucking amazing and had exceptional lyrics that were often overlooked. In Stride fits this definition for me for sure. READ THE LYRIC INSERT AND LISTEN TO IT OFTEN. This tape fucking rules. I would also like to take this space to thank Chad for being an incredibly sincere and awesome person. He is always down to listen, have fun, and is just an incredibly real individual. Who else moshes so hard to Sunset Riders they get a heart attack then later while playing says the doctor told him to take it easy so he goes crazier than ever? No one I know.



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