Sunday, December 25, 2011

Grimace - Mustard Gas and Roses EP


Holy shit. If you liked the previous Grimace tape you're gonna love this. It's all the songs from the previous tape plus five more, sorry no tracklist or insert. I guess these are the unmastered tracks that are going to be pressed to a 7" soon. I apologize for the quiet rips it's real bass heavy and I was unable to rip it any louder without it sounding like a jumbled mess. Malcolm really came into his own with his vocals this tape. They sound fucking awesome. Play flip and repeat over and over.



  1. Hey Jeff, Thanks for the words man....heres a link to the un-mixed ep, I think the tapes dubbed wrong cuz this rip sounds a little slowed down.

    - Vincent

  2. Whoops, that link expired....Here is a new one, hope that works