Monday, December 26, 2011

Dangers - Demo Tape


I used to go back and forth on this band a lot but I am pretty sure that I like them. It's not anything negative, I really like the lyrics and think the band is incredibly creative the music just isn't my thing as much sometimes. This demo is pretty damn sweet though. There is a lot of diversity packed into this little six track tape. I'm trying to think of the first Dangers show I went to... I think it was right around when they first started touring and the show was threatened because of the song "Neo Neo Nazis" which is on the 7" I'll put up later. Al Brown has always been super nice and helpful and has supported my bands while on tour so here's a little support back... although I think Dangers is broken up now? I haven't seen them play in forever. I'm probably not giving this release the time or attention it deserves right now, it has a lot to offer. Give it a listen for yourself, my head's a little jumbled.



  1. Yep. Still together. They're touring Japan in march.

  2. Correction, not broken up. Thanks Joel.