Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Romantika + Media Mind - Unreleased Tapes


Thanks a lot to James for compiling this tape for me. It contains seven tracks from Romantika of a demo never released and some of the last recorded material Media Mind ever made, 11 tracks of unreleased gold. I'll start with Romantika: I'm not sure who is in it but I know Chad from In Stride, Consequence Crew and Dichotomy sings for it. This tape is incredibly good, it's unlike any other act from the area I have ever heard. I'm not sure what the aim of the project is but it reminds me a lot of late 70s Swedish punk (think Ander Angest), melody over gruff vocals. It's really, really good, I highly recommend downloading it, I have been listening to it over and over. Great for skating or just walking around. Next we have 11 Media Mind tracks. I didn't even know these tracks existed until after the last show (which was awesome by the way) but some of them were released on the 1313 EP which I'll put up next. These practice recordings contain four songs from the new ep, three tracks from Prescriptions, one track from the first demo and three never before heard songs! The last two songs unreleased songs they played pretty frequently live, one is a jammer and the other one they referred to a few times as their 'street punk' song. The first unreleased song I had never heard before so it was a real treat. Enjoy!


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