Friday, December 4, 2009

Dichotomy - Demo


Dichotomy is some dark hardcore. I enjoy it because there are some serious overlaying existentialist themes. The tape as a whole [artwork, music, lyrics] is dark and depressive. Lyrics pertain to fear, paranoia, stolen human rights, psychology, self recognition; all major themes to existentialist thought. There is a direct reference to Kafka and Orwell as well as allusions to what might be Dostoevsky and Nietzsche. On top of awesome personal-philosophical themes the music is ripping [and somehow groovy] and the vocals are super harsh and gnarly. On top of it everyone in the band seems awesome. We played with them at the HCC and the bass player showed me how to stick your arm up a vending machine to pull out soda. Chad who previously sang for In Stride also plays guitar for the band, so of course he and Nick [the bassist] skated with us. Skate to live, live to skate.


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