Friday, December 4, 2009

Board Youth - 2008 Tape


Board Youth just broke up recently. They played their last show at a borderline frat party - it was fucking crazy. Right before the show we were skating at Lacey park and I got hit by a titan on a bike while doing a backside air. After I fell to flat my ankle folded and his bike and body weight landed on top of it. Needless to say I had a softball for an ankle so I had to watch the show from the side. The show was at some dude's house in Hawk's Prairie and it was a party for a bunch of guys going off to Iraq. They were all absolutely plastered and socially confused. I honestly felt sad for them, they were border-line crying on the mic. When we first got there we expected a fight for sure [Robert had fought one of the juggernaughts there before], we were a bunch of visibly dirty goofy punk kids and they were all well-dressed abercrombie or hot-topic clad, cologne wearing army dudes with judging eyes. After they got a good deal drunk they started warming up to us. Board Youth played and it was fucking wild, people were circle pitting, skanking, and moshing up a storm, after the set there were a few odd encounters but most of the dudes there were stoked on it. Most of them had the same comments; "how old are you guys?", "I've never heard music like that before!". Then the army dude's band played and holy shit was it hilarious. They covered screeching weasel, jane's addiction, green day, and, after a warning for us 'youngins' that we might not know the song, a black sabbath song that they called ozzy osbourne. Regardless, fucking awesome last show. Board Youth has received quite a bit of shit over the years. As retort to this I say, how good of a band were you in when you were 15? All these kids started the band at 15, are super young, and fucking rip! They skate hard and well and play awesome hardcore punk! Board Youth is, and always will be, sick. For fans of the Adolescents, Ill Repute, RKL, and Wasted Youth, you won't be disappointed. Peep the lyrics because they're awesome. They also demonstrate a social awareness most don't have at that age. I'll try and put up their earlier tape later, at this moment I can't find it.



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