Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Power - Demo Tape


Before I had ever seen Power play a show, Evan gave me a copy of this demo. Although the tracks were difficult to find at first seeing as it was recorded on a spray-painted value village tape, the digging was worth the find. The most recent to date Tiki-House affiliate project; Power as a band shows a move toward a much more heavy hardcore formula. Some notable mentions are some strong back-ups by the man Silima, a guest spot by Red & Black's own Adam Barnes, yet to be identified goofy into-outro music and a hilarious Stone Cold Steve Austin sound sample at the end of The Bottom Line; one of the first ripping straight edge anthems of Power. I remember Evan showing off a wrestling DVD he had gotten that I believe the sound clip came from. The songs on the demo tape are very different from the 7" recordings although they share two tracks. The tape tracks have a different feel to them and incorporate some fast drumming whereas the 7" record is more groovy and a lot heavier/more full sounding. At first I thought the 7" was way better and the tape was harder to listen to but I've begun to enjoy the tape more and more and find myself listening to it way more often. Give a listen for yourself, I'll put the 7" up another day. Oh, one more note; I asked Benn if they named their band after the Agnostic Front song. He told me they named it after the haphazardly compiled SS Decontrol discography Al Barile put together in 1991. Pretty goofy.

Download Da Demo

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  1. Power got the name from Evan and Dirty tricking weirdo Cameron that we were late or missed a show because our new band was doing something. This was 6 months - 1 year before Power the band was even an idea and the name most definitely came from randomly blurting out the word "Power" when Cameron asked us what our fake band was called. Definitely not from the SSD comp tape. Don't let them fool you!