Wednesday, December 2, 2009

HPP - Demo Tape


Want some feel good skate jammers? HPP is for you. Adding to the extreme diversity Olympia's music scene embodies, HPP enters. Somewhere between garage-punk and hardcore punk; HPP incorporates some melody to create music I have an extremely hard time finding comparisons to. If I had to think of something maybe more aggressive sonic youth songs? The closest they come to the abrasive hardcore-punk edge are tracks 4 and 7 which are bit more rough and quick. The rest of the tracks have a bit of a dancy melody with a serious piss-punk vibe. Dillon's vocals really pull it off. Unfortunately I have no track names or lyrics, I've never actually talked to Dillon about what his songs are about but I have asked him for lyrics. The two sides of the tape are labeled Maggot Mind and Capt. Trips Ballsington: The A side is 9 ripping punk anthems and the B side is a live set. HPP shows are always wild and fun, they have a new tape out that I'll put up as soon as I rip the tracks. Enjoy!


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  1. I think they can be compared to Flipper in many ways. Their style of slower rockin punk and their live sets put out a Flipper vibe.