Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vexx - S/T LP

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Vexx is a supercharged punk influenced rock band from Olympia, WA. Paying homage to 70s acts and 60s rock n roll with that touch of contemporary speed and flare and sometimes a bluesy feel. Mike's maniacal guitar playing backed by Corey never missing a beat makes for the wall of impenetrable sound that is Vexx. I remember when the band was in it's formative stages and Mary Jane would come over to the Family House with absolutely no voice. When questioned what she had been doing she'd reply, 'oh we're starting a rock band'. The great thing about this LP is that it in no way captures their whole sound. If you want a real taste of what Vexx is you have to catch them live. Before you know it the intensity of every member's performance infects every fluid ounce of rock n' roll in your blood and you'll go from foot tapping and head bobbing to a total loss of inhibition. The cut for me on this release is "Don't Talk About It", it's complete and total energy from start to collapse. "Strength" is also quite the stand out track for me considering conversations I've had with Mary Jane over the years and the overall feel of the track. I really wish this track closed off the LP personally. They just did a short West Coast jaunt but keep your ears out because I'm sure they'll be rolling out to your town soon. Blasting out of the gate straight to LP you know the gears are just getting turning.

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