Monday, December 24, 2012

GAG White Wards - Split Tour CS


Here's an easy way to pick up everything GAG has done and a bunch of White Wards stuff. These Cassettes were made for tour and are now gone. Tour fucking ruled, GAG and White Wards killed the west coast twice and hit up Arizona and Texas on the way around. I played double duty every night until we picked up Alek in LA on the 18th so he could record. My drum set is now destroyed and I managed to lose my snare drum in San Francisco. If you see anyone walking around with a hard case with a giant White Wards sticker on it kick their ass then mail it back to me, you will be rewarded. Way too many antics to recount and I lost any photos I would have because my camera was in my snare case. Subversion fest killed and I got to see a shitload of bands I had wanted to see for a while and pick up some music to put up. We also got to play with a shitload of great bands multiple nights; Condition, Replica, Iron Youth, Blotter, Hunting Party, Hoax, and Needles to name a few of my favorites. White Wards full length was recorded by Jake (of Face The Rail, Synthetic ID, etc. etc.) in the bay on the last two days of the trip and it rips. Seriously is going to rule. Be on the look out for that White Wards LP and a GAG LP soon to follow this year.


GAG side:
1. Chains and Barbed Wire (Unreleased from 7" recording session)
2. Warm Milk (Unreleased soon to be on a Flexi with above track)
3. Meth Lab (S/T 7")
4. Don't Like (S/T 7")
5. I'm A Punk, I'm A Freak (S/T 7")
6. No Cops (S/T 7")
7. HaHaHa (Can't remember if this song has a real name, from the Lathe Cut)
8. Haunted Truck Bed (Lathe Cut)

White Wards side:
1. Too Many Humans (Originally by No Trend, from our Live on KBOO set)
2. Fucking A Dead Body (From KBOO tape)
3. Bad Decisions (From KBOO tape)
4. Lock the Door (From KBOO tape)
5. Acceptance (Originally by Mecht Mensch, outtake from 7" session)
6. Cement (Lathe Cut)
7. Lot Lizards (Lathe Cut)
8. Scentless Apprentice (Outtake from Lathe Cut Session)

Tracks 1 & 2
Tracks 3-6
Tracks 7 & 8
White Wards
 Tracks 1-4
Tracks 5 & 8
Tracks 6 & 7

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