Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stop and Think - Demo CS


Divebombs baby. Speaking of five songs paving the way for a musical subgenre, fucking duh, here is Stop and Think. The early 2000s were a good year for contemporary hardcore in my opinion. 90's bands didn't do it for me too much aside from a small chunk, maybe I'm just biased because I grew up around these bands but Lockin' Out really did it for me. This cassette was released on Stand Hard Records and isn't as good as the second demo in my opinion. I got the LP with both demos on it and if anyone out there has a cassette version of the second demo hit me up, I'd be willing to do some trades. Anyhow shit is good as hell. You can't hear "Get Lost" and not mosh and "Stop and Think" basically paved the way for that fucking early 2000s sound. Listen to the track you'll get it. "T.J.R.B" is an instrumental back in the times when bands wrote those for frontman and audience mosh time... why don't people do that anymore? "Up to Our Necks" picks up the pace again and drops it heavy and "Blood Red" closes the tape out with some stomp and ends it abruptly leaving you wanting more. I always gotta put on the rest of their material when it's over. Surprised I didn't get this up sooner but what I put up is usually way arbitrary. Boston Straight Edge. Perfect tape and the releases only got better.



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